IADL #298
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 Yo momma so ugly, that even cameras are afraid to take an accurate picture. --Mr. ?
 "Should I tell her there's a mutant space worm about to burrow through her scalp? ....Naaaaaaah." --Deiphage
 Local flora and fauna flourished in the shelter and rich nutrients provided by Linda's 'fro. --Deiphage
 "Racism in the marketplace: K'thada gets snubbed by the Zulu sales lady, simply because she is a Bantu. --Deiphage
 If they Mated: The Predator and Whoopi Goldberg --Mr. ?
 Louise would get so angry when sales clerks dissed her, that she would literally become blurry. -- Dog-matic 2000
 o/` How much are those weird things in the windooooowww? o/` --Doc Evil
 "I'll have to remember next time I'm asked, 'One lump or two?' to not say, 'Ohhhh, tree or four...' " --Lizard
 "I'm not sure what it is, but throw in a Wayans and we'll run it." -- internal WB memo --Heath
 Woodie on you, girlfriend! --Duckfoot--
 The ritual changing of the bitch at the DMV. --Treb
 Dennis Rodman gets snubbed by a REAL Drag Queen. --BrickBat
 "Talk to the blur, girl. Talk to the blur." --tv's Spatch
 Hey, you think it's easy to catch a picture of someone in mid-fart? --Dog-matic 2000
 And it makes enough julianne fries to feed an army! --Mr. ?
 Bad lighting? You're soaking in it! --Don Spudleone
 Let's see, Ridiculouslly Enormous Genitalia, Male: 3 Pieces... Yes mam, your order's in; will you be using it here, or taking it home? --not elsie
 It's always sad when two best friends fight, but it's especially heart-wrenching that they parted on bad terms just before the giant waffle fell on them. --phil
 Here we see Joletha waiting in the food court as DentureCrafters makes her upper and lower plates -- in just about an hour. --orrin bloquy
 As Cindy bowed her head, her friend whispered to her "Quit it! Queen Latifah isn't REALLY a Queen!" --LORD SOTH
 Let's see ... according to your driver's licence ... Holy shit, you really are the Acid Queen! Can I have your autograph? --Riff
 "I, Zorgana, Queen of the Nether Realm, and Lord Mistress of Chaos, Terror, and Abomination shall not suffer your 'Customs Inspection.' I will take one of those confiscated cheeses though." --DieLifeDie
 "Your sins are absolved. Kiss my dewlap and go in peace." --Ravecavy
 Looking through her purse for some chapstick, Chyra didn't notice until too late that her friend had been possessed by a demon. --JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy
 As the fitting clerk made some final adjustments, Lynnetha glanced down at the fine mahogany strap-on standing out from her crotch. Tonight we find out how he like it in his sorry ass, she thought. --Wanker
 "Godmutha, I have a favor to ask of you..." --Tillman
 This is the first time I've seen someone stick their nose up, and point it down at the same time. --twomp
 The intrinsic tragedy of the situation crashed into Fredisha like a cruel locomotive....the sausage canoli was no longer on the Sbarro menu. --Opie
 The last two non-Urkel characters on Family Matters finally get their walking papers. --Emil Blovin
 Laneasha stood unaware that the H.R. Geiger painting behind her had come alive. --not russ
 "Well, it started out as a bald spot, and grew so gradually I really didn't notice." --Randy Patton
 "Hell of a bruise you got on your leg there, Tina... did Ike give you that?" --Generik
 "Geez, " Queen Latifa thought, "That Tootie bitch sure is a dickhead!" --Casey Jones
 'This time, the cookie man dies! --not for the faint of heart
 Kinda an unconventional depiction of the Virgin Mother, but hell, I'll pray to it anyway. --Colin
 I'll go ahead and give you your Freakishly-Hideous-Pig-Faced-Vagrant discount sir. Enjoy the movie. --Marlboro

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