IADL #299
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 Working his way through the Academy, young Emperor Palpatine used the Force to unclog drains and rescue small pets. --Mycroft
 Some portals to Narnia are harder to access than others. --Mr. ?
 I've heard of alligators in the sewers, but Hobbits in the sink? --Mr. ?
 Death takes a leak. --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 Apparently "The Nothing" engulfing Fantasia did not, in fact, stem from lack of imagination. Rather, it started in the men's room at Waffle House. --Deiphage
 Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.... Damn it, not even my most powerful spell will make this sink come clean. --Mr. ?
 "It is I, the Grime Wiper!" --Dr. KNob
 Formula 409 Bathroom Cleaner: Now with Scrubbing Reapers™! --Dr. KNob
 I told Lord Vader those tater tots weren't ready, but did he listen? Nooooooo.... --Don Spudleone
 "Fuck! A pimple! And right before the Apocalyspe! I don't even have any SKIN, for Christ's sake! --CrAsH
 Outtakes from "Death Takes A Bidet" garnered the highest rating Fox has seen yet. --Generik
 Rage Against Mr. Clean --anon
 In the climactic scene from Scream 3, the evil killer struggles with Neve Campbell's critically acclaimed replacement, a sink. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Looks like a scene from Stephen King's The Night Flyer. Don't lie - you didn't see it either, did you? --Riff
 Brother Bob has a tad too much communial wine, gets a little confused and holds High Mass in the restroom at Denny's. All was not lost, however, since the busboy who was in the third stall, now won't have to go to church this weekend... --Tillman
 Fired from his original job, the grim reaper is reduced to taking the souls of drowned cockroaches. --Magus
 Yup, I'm still here. --Werehamster
 Lone Star was amazed at the Dinks' ability to only make the, "dink, dink" sound, even while vomiting. --al--anon
 A Black Pudding engulfs its victim. --ChAoS
 A scene from the commercial for the Grim Reapers new dental product: A Brush with Death! --ChAoS
 Corn? When did I eat corn? --Werehamster
 From the lesser known musical "Bulemic of the Opera" --dca
 As Batman leaned over the sink, he thought "God.....please.......if you let me live , I'll never...I swear... ever get into another drinking match with Wolverine again! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 I come for you, Tidy Bowl Man... --Norm DePlume
 The Grim Reaper really shouldn't have had that last Bud Dry. After he horks in the men's room at Hooter's, he's gonna be really pissed and embarrassed. There'll be a plane crash or bus accident in Mexico for sure... --Tillman
 Darkman IV: Last Call --Norm DePlume
 Puke with force Luke! --Waldo
 Due to segregation, black ghosts are rarely seen. --ChAoS
 Urban Myth #37: The girl who took so much x she died going down on a sink. --Microman
 Occasionally, the Wicked Witch of the West would get that close to splashing cold water on her face before she remembered. --Trainman
 Less popular than his portrait of his mother, Whistler's "Puking Goth" was actually titled "Portrait of an Angst Fiend in Black and Grey" --Demon Dog
 What evil lurks in the plumbing of men? The Shadow knows! --Emil Blovin
 The latest craze among the Amish: Binging and Purging. --The Mystery Roach
 Ah! Damn glass eye! Now I gotta suck it out of the drain! --The Mystery Roach
 *snrrrrrrt* Coke on you, plate! *snrrrrrrrrt* --The Mystery Roach
 New! 409 Bathroom Gnome will clean your bathroom until it shines. Order now and we'll include a second for only $19.95! --Mr. ?
 Rebenash Nahasapeemapetalon visits the "Wailing Sink" outside Paramis, New Jersey. --Ghotiman
 Down on her luck, Madam Zelda is reduced to reading fortunes in soap scum. --Wanker
 Lilith's first day at Witch School wasn't easy: "Man," she thought, "pact with Satan or not, eye of newt tastes like shit!" --phil
 Hood on you, fate! --Skywise
 Miss March in the new girls of Iraq calander. --Mr. ?
 Bill and Ted's first idea was to slip Death some Ipecac and run while he was busy. --Shem
 Man, this is one NICE lookin' drain plug... --Kitsunesan
 Lord Ricki, Goth Plumber. --agm

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