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 Partially?!? What the hell did the DM mean when he said that I partially made my "hide in shadows" roll? --anon
 This is the biggest bathroom stall I ever sat in!! --Rob Goodnow
 Although they had never spoken, Walter KNEW the girl in apartment 3A WANTED him. --anon
 If one more god damn bird shits on me, I'm gonna lose my fuckin' temper! --Jay Clark
 "Hmmm. Gum on the bench. Good joke, you little bastards. Now here's one on you. Gun in my pocket." --Blake
 Roger finds that it is difficult to discretely check whether he remembered his collostomy bag. --Blake
 As Newman waited outside the building for the final confrontation with Jerry and Elaine, he mused over the irony that he actually was a disgruntled postal worker... --The Sandman
 Let's see, it's 6:30 now? I'll go see if that file is through downloading yet. God, I hate AOL. --Greg J
 AAAHHH! This tree! It's Got My Head! AAAHMMMMMPPHHHHHGGLLLT.... --shane
 "Greg" (not his real name) has agreed to speak to Hard Copy about conditions at SpinnWebe, but only on the condition that his face not be revealed. --zed
 It's just so much harder...I sit and I think and I think, but I can't come up with captions...No melon-head jokes, no skewed-perspective jokes, no unfinished body parts, no bestiality, no incest...real life SUCKS. --zed
 Journal entry, October 12th: Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. --Greg J
 Dennis began to suspect that maybe the "vest and matching face" combo wasn't the look for him. --Capt. phealy
 Damn! I land a walk-on in the DFC and I get lost! I'll just sit here and wait for one of those melon-heads to find me. --Bill Fortier
 Jeffy Keane, thirty years later... Note the absence of body parts and the detail-less face. --Toade
 *click* Oh, this slide is Dad sitting down at a park in Malibu. You can see the despair etched on his face, as he slowly realizes that his life has been a lie, and maybe it's better to end it all rather than go on fooling himself. *click* Now, this one is... --Kurt S.
 I gotta quit my job at the coal mine. It's getting harder and harder to get my face clean, for one thing. --His Imperial Majesty
 "Bob Dole should not end here!..Bob Dole should not end here..Bob Dole should not end here!" --Roger Mexico
 LOGAN!!! I've found the outside! This way!!! --Clay
 Boy, these public restrooms are sure getting public. And no toilet paper, either. --The Lawyer
 Consigned to a life alone, Arnold began whacking off in public to get attention. Unfortunately, the excess lubricant he used made his hand slip off frequently. --GroundFault

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