IADL #30
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 ..."I dunno, whadda you wanna do now?" "I dunno, whadda YOU wanna do now?" "Idunno, whadda YOU wanna do now?"...etc. --Greg J
 We return now to the Elephant Man, as performed by the UC-Riverside Amateur Theater. --Mister Sinister
 The Fourth Annual "Peeing In The Street" Festival got off to a rocky start when the participants realized that none of them had had anything to drink all day. --sorry Jack -- ZED's back!
 "No, I'm sure I parked right here, under this sign that says `Tow-Away' zone. Let's check the parking lot again -- maybe somebody moved it." --sorry Jack -- ZED's back!
 I like your sister, she's out going. --Monk n Treb
 Born to be mild. --Monk n Treb
 Forrest Gump engrossed in a conversation with Rain Man. --Craig Price
 Bob and Phil discuss the merits of using bowling shoes as everyday footwear. --Coyote
 That was the day Bob stood in the gutter and didn't even notice for a whole 2 minutes. We bust a gut laughin' that day. But those were more exciting times. --anon
 Oddly the girls were not impressed by our "Knights who say 'Ni'" impression. Must not of liked guys or something. --Greg J
 After this we're going to listen to my dad's scanner for traffic accidents! --Keef
 "Are you sure this is how Pearl Jam started ?" --Larbo
 The most complex sentence heard in this conversation: "Like really, dude. Duuuuhhhhh." --Dark Roger
 "Listen, its not an easy choice. Harvard or Benny's Burger Barn? The way I figure Burgers are a growth industry." --anon
 Y'know what the saddest part of this picture is? Not one of these people is a virgin. --Der Tanzer
 He comes here every Saturday to do healin's. --John Boy
 Phil and Bob discuss why Max's is the best place in town for huntin' babes! --Lord KAS
 "Awakenings", the road tour. --The Sandman
 Dammit, Bill! Can't you leave your penis alone?? --a little man from another place
 Whaddya mean, you forgot where the van is? We're gonna have to walk the hostage through the parking lot! --The Lawyer
 "Nah, Quasimodo's hunch was more like this. . . " --Capt. phealy
 "Boy, Max's parents gave him an entire store. My parents won't even give me a right arm." --Capt. phealy
 "Hey, YOU'RE the one who said to tie a knot in it!" --Capt. phealy
 Mike and Jason spend yet another day at the plaza pissing into potholes. --Jo Anne
 Floyd and Ernest never noticed the stranger leading Floyd's wife away with a jacket over her head. --Hugh G. Rection

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