IADL #300
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 But it wasn't a rock, it was a Rock Lobster Boy! --Mr. ?
 Living proof that it is possible to be bored stiff. --Deiphage
 The Colonel thought " That child would taste much better with 11 herbs & spices". --Monk
 Pavlov wondered if he should throw bird seed at the pigeon-boy, or train it with bells. --Mary the Mad
 If Freud was really a scientist like they say, and not just some frustrated closet pedophile, wouldn't he be pondering the symbological significance of all those obelisks instead of staring at some little cherubim's ass? -- Mutantdog...not afraid to ask the hard questions
 Some guardian angel, was Mr. Perkins' last thought. He can't even protect me from Medusa. --Lost in Erehwon
 Order now, and the entire set of Family Circus lawn ornaments--including plaster replicas of Michelangelo's Not Me and O. Yeah--can be yours for one amazing low price! --Lost in Erehwon
 ...and in the Biblical legend, the last two people to make "Good on you, Mate" jokes were turned to stone. Well, cheap plaster, really. --Rev. Orrin Bloquy
 "Somebody...please, just get him to stop making those hmmmmmmm noises.... --Jenn Dolari
 Freud takes Cherub, checkmate. But I tell ya, this is the weirdest game I've ever played... --Bucky
 Okay, Spinn, how the hell did you get pictures of the dream I had last night? --Werehamster
 That boy just ain't right. --NME--
 Rumors of my ossification are... well, to be honest, right on the money. --Ravecavy
 Wasn't this an Infiniti commercial? --Thomas Wilde
 Wow, the Sigmund Freud Memorial works on so many levels.... --phil
 "Man, if Death doesn't get out of the bathroom fast I'm gonna yarf right here...." --phil
 ...and yes, it is statuatory rape. --LadyJ
 He looked upon his son proudly, thinking "he's definitely a chip off the ol' block." --Cletus
 The erosion of the American family. --NH
 "Oh come on, even statues have...urges" --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 The forgotten characters of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". --The Fresh Prince of Darkness
 Stoned on ludes, Slate! --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 "Today on the Home Shopping Network, it's Bad Lawn Statue Day! Hook up the 'Lil' Bulimic Angel' to the garden hose and watch your guests scatter! Also, the very lovely 'Ward Cleaver' is sure to dress up any yard. Who'll give me 10 bucks for whole damn lot?" --Tillman
 Forget Cupid & Norman Rockwell, They got marble replicas of those 'Pylons' from " Land of the Lost! " --Doc Evil
 HEY!!! Knock off the homoerotic captions and call me a damn doctor! My prostate is killin' me!!! --Doc Evil
 "Dammit", thought Sigmund, "...and me without a cigar" --Wench23
 "Well, I'll be," Satan thought. "I didn't know they had anything down there to kick! Taking over Heaven is going to be a snap!" --DieLifeDie
 "...it's just that...well, Dad...sometimes I feel like you take me for granite..." --Happy Li'l Temp
 Eros, God of Love meets Hymie, God of Circumcisions... --Riff
 Finally! "The Thinker" has gotten off the toilet! Get out of the way - this cherub's gotta take a leak! --Riff
 Dr. Strange pondered, searching for the cure to angelic masonry diarehha. --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 God. Eternity is sooo boring. I am over the afterlife! --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 In this work, "Pedophile Pocket Pool", we see a level of phallic expressionism. --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 Well, I'll be damned. They really do cry when I touch myself like that. --tv's Spatch
 The aftermath of Medusa's trip to the NAMBLA convention. --The Mystery Roach
 Their last words were. "Look, God's destroying Sodom." --ChAoS
 "Hmmm. Ancient obelisks, incontinant angels, and I seem to be made of marble. Curious." --ChAoS
 New, from SpinnTech: Libel-proof QuickCam Models! Wacky and guaranteed non-litigious! --anon (and on anon anon)
 "Say, what's a nice Eros like you doing in a statuary like this?!?" --Dr. KNob
 While Cupid goes around shooting arrows of love, his brother Gastrid flings water balloons of vague nausea. --Shem
 From the part of Neverland Ranch they won't show on "Entertainment Tonight." --Shem
 The gods turned Jack to stone for contemplating the rape of a cherub. They turned the cherub to stone because they like turning things to stone. --Shem
 "Hmmmmm. Bet those wings would tickle like anything." --Shem
 As Raphael sat in a catatonic state, Nigel pondered, "Hmmm. Perhaps I shouldn't have shown him that naked picture of Ernest Borgnine." --Stealth
 Jeff Koons's masterpiece, I Kick Cupid in the Balls for Fixing Me Up with That Fucking Bitch Ilona. --Shem

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