IADL #301
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 Wow, man, from this bus, all the people look like, well, people. --toade
 If Raoul didn't quit humming 'Graceland' in about two minutes Raphael was gonna bust a cap in his ass --anon
 How about looking for licence plates from all 50 states, oh wait.. ok, I spy with my little eye, something white.. no, that's no good. --Mr. ?
 Jay and Silent Bob's later adventures weren't all that wacky. Actually, they were kind of sad. --Skywise
 Bob wasn't so much disturbed that a stranger was sitting by him. Rather, what bothered him was the fact that there was no one else on the bus... Oh yeah, and the speaking in tongues. --Deiphage
 "Once we get over the border, we'll steal the jobs away from some white middle-class strawberry pickers." --Deiphage
 Our train has reached a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, Pedro thought. I wonder if I should be worried. --Lost in Erehwon
 Chevy, don't you think you're pushing it a little with "National Lampoon's Central American Vacation"? --Lizard
 Life's been hard for the rest of the "Superfans" since Chris Farley died. --Heath [Da Bears!]
 Gallant watches the scenery roll by. Goofus tweaks his own nipples. --Ghotiman
 Most people are at least a little discreet when they masturbate in public, but not Carlos... --the skyclad answer
 I don't want to give up this seat to that frail old lady. Does being drunk and stoned out of my mind count as handicapped? --agm
 Mujibur got his own talk show on Fox. Sirajul, on the other hand, fell on hard times and took to riding the bus and panhandling. --phil
 Damn, I just remembered! I left Yoshi double-parked! --Doc Evil
 "We will be arriving in the Difficult Zone in about 2 minutes. Thank you for flying IADL airlines." --Magus
 "No, I swear, man, I saw something out on the wing." --Mycroft
 "When you grow your mustache, I'll talk about yielding the window seat!" --Eli
 Wow, they nuked New Jersey. 'Bout time -- what's for lunch? --phil
 Super Mario Brothers II: After the Apocalypse... --Doc Evil
 Damn, Steve.. I had no idea buses could pop wheelies! --Doc Evil
 "Man, I hate it when the subway hits this alternate universe between 12th and 35th." --Stealth
 Yo, chico, is look like iceberg, no? - A scene from the hit movie, El Titanica --Mr. ?
 Next stop, Dimension 0 --Mr. ?
 "Lou, if you holler 'EXTREME BUS RIDING! SURGE!!' one more time, I swear I'm gonna deck you." --tv's Spatch
 Jose can you see by the dawn's early light? --Pintos 'n Cheese
 Although Lenny was careful never to let anyone know he was actually Napoleon reincarnated, sometimes he slipped up. --Shem
 Mexico's first space shuttle had one tragic design flaw: openable windows. --Emil Blovin
 "Thank you for riding Cartoon Line Bus. Next stop, Bloom County. If you'll glance out to your right, you'll see the featureless void which serves as the setting for The Family Circus..." --Kurt L.
 I don't know man - it looks more like a stalk of brocolli to me than a mushroom ... --Riff
 This week on Nash Bridges: Nash and Joe fail to find any criminals on a New York Subway train! Is it entertainment? Who cares, it's on CBS! --Riff
 Coming soon to a theater near you: Armageddon, starring Cheech and Chong! --Riff
 History in the making: The "Macarena" is invented on the bus from Mexico City to Juarez. --Deiphage
 Still a blank, featureless void. How about your side? --Mr. ?

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