IADL #302
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 Since January, Barbara Bush has been tidying up the lobby of her husband's Presidential Library, still anxiously awaiting that first visitor... --Tillman
 The fern lay in wait. It's time would come. It's time would....shit! This isn't the DFC! --Lots42
 Set revolving door to Liquify. --Mr. ?
 The "World's First Supersonic Revolving Door" was a tourist cash cow for the Plaza Ritz, but outright hell for the staff that had to clean up the chunder. --Curt
 Mop on you, grate! --Medea (another mindless sheep following the herd)
 Lifestyles of the Poor and Janitorial --Difficult Zone Denizen
 It would be hours before Nikita would realize she dialed the wrong number when she called for the 'cleaner' --Mike Hunt
 "...O' course, th' ah-ronic thing wus, w' didn't even bother to r'move the twenny-fiff floor revolving door, since w' never heard anybody complainin' aft'r they used it." -- Joe-Bob Johnson, quoted from Really Stupid Design Flaws: A History of Fatal Architecture --Jamey Powell
 "CURSE MY LUCK!!! I had to be the one blasted oompa-loompa who is allergic to chocolate!!!!!" --Lizard
 Spinn subverts yet another hotel chain by embedding his logo in the revolving-door entrance. --Stealth
 Dwayne often stopped breathing while doing his chores...he was cursed with a case of Sweep-Apnea --Opie
 "Hello, Mr. Rains." "Please, call me Claude." --Werehamster
 Joe was soon called in too clean the mess left when Spinn killed someone for entering "Broom on floor, mate" as a caption. --Lots42
 Carrie wasn't the brightest janitor in the world. She spent all day furiously trying to "mop up those damn shadows." --the skyclad answer
 "Some day my prince will come, " thought an elderly Cinderella, "Untill then this broom handle is my only friend..." --the skyclad answer
 Malcom's master plan--which involved barring the main doors with an iron pipe--began to unravel. --Emil Blovin
 "Must...Defend... against... invisible... Liberals...Must...Defend..." --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 Isn't she cleaning a bit too closely to the warp reactors? --Don Spudleone
 50 years after leaving her high school majorette days behind, Betty Finch still "leads the band" through the lobby of the Bank One building. --Trainman
 Hey, kids, can you find the swastika? --Werehamster
 Nietzsche was wrong, here we see God, alive and well, mopping Trump Plaza. --Ghotiman
 Captain Kangaroo spent his last days mopping the CBS lobby, muttering to himself about "that damn homo purple dinosaur"... --Tillman
 Ed's dream was to take the gold in hurling in the 2002 winter games. Till then it would be practice, practice, practice... --Harry Feltersnatch
 Giggling with anticipation, Sophie swabbed the door lobby with grease. --Yellow Dawg
 I knew it was only a matter of time before tv's Frank decided to knock over a bank. *sigh* --tv's Spatch
  "Welcome to the Michael Dukakis memorial prison... We hope you enjoyed your stay." --Deiphage
 Joe swept away the last of the 'I only have one arm' captions. --Lots42
 Blank fetureless void? It's either the portal to 'Family Circus' or I'm going to have to soon clean up ten tons of 'It's a nuclear war' captions! --Lots42
 There really is a revolving door at the Elmore Prison for the Criminally Stupid, but the inmates just think it's a fan. --phil
 "Hmmm.....sweep....spin.....sweep.....spin.....Damn, I hate the jobs that require multitasking..." --TheSaint
  Now I'm ready to kill the mall! --Mr. ?
 Damn it!! Why do they always have to puke in my revolving door? --Thick-E
 Margaret never noticed as she swept the tabby cat underneath the rapidly-rotating panes of the revolving door. The hotel now has a new area rug. --Stealth
 Man, that is one lost drum major. --Stealth
 Sure, he's a million laughs onstage, but when the confetti runs out, Rip Taylor is a sad, lonely little man. --tv's Spatch
 "EXTREME DIZZINESS... Hey look! a nickel. --Deiphage
 Lost in the building and unable to escape at the age of four, Margaret was adopted by a family of janitors, who raised her as one of their own. --Deiphage
 I said-a broom chick-a moppa chick-a moppa chick-a broom!!! --lost at camp
 Goon on you, mat! --Riff
 Seth took his job as security guard a bit too seriously, kneecapping anyone who loitered in the lobby. --Emil Blovin

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