IADL #303
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 OK, so the trick with the wallet was cool, but after she brought it back up, my ATM card wouldn't work anymore. --Mycroft
 I'll get you my pretties! And your Ice Cream Sandwich too! --Mr. ?
 Satanists! Now, when you buy four packs of Ding-Dong brand snack cakes, you get a free Christ-In-A-Coffin Decoder Ring! --Smokey
 Mmmmmm... beetle juice! --NME--
 If They Mated: Marilyn Manson and Martha Stewart. --Mycroft
 There is no god. There is no god. There is no god. There is no god. There is no.... --Magus
 The City Morgue highly discourages walk-by grazing. Margaret, however, was a full-time nonconformist. --Stealth
 "Okay, so the Automat went out of business years ago. My friends and I broke in, and look what we found in here! ...Still good! Mmmmmm!!" --Generik
 Coffee grounds and cocaine... the latest snack idea from Colombia. It's the richest kind! --Generik
 Binge-Bong, the new bulimic snack cake that tastes as good coming back as it does going down! --Generik
 Here I am at the summer camp *my* parents sent me to every year. It was in the middle of a street in New York City, and they made us eat s'mores made with old asphalt that the construction crews dug up. I had a troubled childhood. --witchiepoo
 Hey, is she eating a shmoo sandwich? --witchiepoo
 How many licks does it take to get to the center of a .... OH MY GOD! She ate Mr. Owl. --Monk n Treb
 Oh my God... Beetlejuice and Lydia had a baby! --Ravecavy
 Well, you gotta admit. That's one nice building in the background. --RipperJak
 Watching her poop is nothing, you should see her eat! --Deiphage
 I don't care if they are black and white, Mona, and I don't care how many people you can freak while eating one. No food called "Suzy-Q's" can be considered goth! --Lost in Erehwon
 What, you thought she'd eat angel food cake or something? --phil
 The sad thing is, Spinn's got us all so used to surreal wierdness that when something legitimately twisted like this comes along, we don't even bat an eyelash. Aw, fuck it, I'm gonna quit fighting and get my nipple pierced right now.... --phil
 Alice managed to save a piece of the magical 'Eat Me' growing cookie when she came back from Wonderland. For some reason, she never had too many enemies later in life. --Mr. ?
 A tasty snack gives Gothra the energy she needs to make it through the day... --Deiphage
 Liver N' Pus: The newest taste sensation to hit Scotland. --Ravecavy
 In a wild demographics change, Hostess launches a new series of "Suzy-Q" ads with "Goth Gale". Everything was o.k. until the "Free Satanic Pentagram Beachball" offer... --Tillman
 Actually, I thought she was kinda cute, until I realized that's her tongue she's holding... --Dog-matic 2000
 Jalapeno Dove Bars. An experience you'll never forget. --Heath
 Oh No! Gothzilla is destroying Tokyo! We must flee! --Mr. ?
 Gangrene: An unpleasant side-effect of back-alley tongue piercing. --Brought to you by the international association of certified tongue piercers.
 If it cracks like a solid, and oozes like a liquid... better taste it. --Deiphage
 How you know when your coffee is too old. --Deiphage
 Probably one of the worst drawbacks of being a vampire is puking up grave dirt every evening. --Riff
 Linda Jammin is this week's lucky winner of the All You Can Eat Vend-O-Mat Spree! --Dr. KNob
 ...and in this next scene we can see one of the more common architectural designs, the... AAAHHH, Jesus Christ! I think I just wet myself. --anon
 Mmm ... nothing like Elmer's paste on shoe leather - now that's good eatin'! --Riff
 Japanese commercials seem to get weirder all the time...this one's for a feminine hygeine product --Mike Hunt
 Boy George enjoying a brownie on his New York City vacation. --the skyclad answer
  I'm really torn between making a "Goth Chick" comment or mentioning the fact that she's eating potting soil. --Ghotiman
 Death takes a snack break. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 The 50 Foot Woman goes goth. --LOTS42, A.K.A. The Deserted Sperm Bank
 Unidentifiable two-toned crap: It's What's For Dinner. --Jamey Powell
 "Is that a digital camera? Really?? Here, get a shot of me putting dis fing don my froat!" <gag> --Yellow Dog
 Ah-ha! There is a wrong way to eat a Reese's! --Trainman
 "You got your Ding Dong on my Satanist!" "You got your Satanist on my Ding Dong!" --DieLifeDie

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