IADL #306
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 I've had it with the Fraggles always eating our buildings! This Dozer's not going to take it any more! --Mr. ?
 Hey, Joe! This turkey baster holding up Fifth Avenue...can I have it? --Jenn Dolari
 Construction begins on the new Yankee stadium: "Hey Chuck, do you figure we'll be dead by the time they figure out this beam's only attached by wads of chewing gum?" --Riff
 "Hey Hubie, whattaya say we head off to the arcade for a few rounds? I feel like a game of Super Mario." -- Crazy Climber
 The union demands all construction workers be allowed one hide and seek game per day. --Mr. ?
 Kenny McCormack: Construction Worker who dies every week. --RipperJak
 ...And all of a sudden, the vertical hold chopped him in half. --anon
 Mmm. Locomotive with 35, maybe 36 freight car. One caboose. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Although far less controversial, King Missile's "Detachable Torso" failed to duplicate the commercial success of its predecessor. --Deiphage
 "Jesus, Charlie... do we have to go through this every time Steinbrenner drops some change?" --Generik
 Realizing he can never regain his 15 minutes of fame, the construction worker who Krazy-Glued his hat to a steel beam suddenly decides to Krazy-Glue himself to the railroad tracks. --agm
 Pilot for a new Spinnwebe feature: The Dysfunctional M. C. Escher --phil
 And this is the last person who tried to submit a "good on you mate" caption. Any questions? --RipperJak
 New from Milton Bradley, "Mousetrap II" ... some assembly required. --NATE
 "And in other news, construction continues on Russia's newest microcomputer..." --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 Hey, Joe! Come look! Some shmuck left his hot dog cart lid open. So far I've managed to land three loogies, five nails and a box of bandaids. --Lots42
 Suddenly severed by the giant steel plate, Morris's top half falls into the construction site. His lower half, spurting blood like a fountain, is carried along by intertia... --Bucky
 Bob knew something was wrong when his legs suddenly goose-stepped away from his body. --Deiphage
 While a railroad track seems like it would be a good pillow, I'd advise against it. --Deiphage
 His mind occupied by joyous thoughts of the childrens' faces when they saw the beautiful Easter basket he had purchased, Melvin didn't notice the mangled construction worker's semi-decomposed corpse. --anon
 "Wow!" said Edgar," A gob of spit can dent the roof of a car from up here!" --anon
 "...City of Brotherly Love, my ass! In Minnesota, someone would have helped me by now." --Eli
 "Oohh! Here comes that hunky supervisor! Maybe if I hurt myself he'll come to my rescue!" --Magus
 This fall on PBS! See the wonder and splendor of renovating a dangerous form of energy on "This Old Nuclear Reactor"... --Tillman
 We're sorry - IADL is currently under construction. Please try back later. --Riff
 Good old Bob has his feet in the clouds, but his head planted firmly on the ground. --Deiphage
 Yo! Momma! How about you and me in a romantic candlight dinner for two before a moonlit walk on the beach? Frederick, the romantic construction worker --Mr. ?
 "Hey, Mike, I forgot -- are we putting this up or tearing it down?" --Shem
 Ducking from the camera, Ed didn't notice the approaching el train. Fortunately, he was wearing his lucky orange helmet, so it was easy to spot his head when it landed three blocks away. --Riff
 "...and it was three days before anyone discovered the body! Ha! Hide 'em in plain sight, I say." --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 "When the train stops, jump up and see if you can make that Slavic woman soil herself again." --Sean Q
 These boots were made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do, and one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over Stu. --NATE

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