IADL #307
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Scan supplied by Pastor of Muppets

 Thank god the IADL doesn't use sound....all of that prissy giggling would drive me nuts. --Opie
 The scene backstage on the final Menudo tour, We Grew Old But We Didn't Grow Up --Sean Q
 Boy, "American Gladiators" sure went downhill once they cut the budget. --Deiphage
 "Yeah, but what I didn't tell you is, this is a +2 magic pillow, so I really do score a hit even though you've got +3 cotton mail -- so give me the d10 so I can roll for damage. Man, I rule! --Mycroft
 The newest attraction at Disney's Suburbanland: Pillow Fighters of the Carribean. --Dr. KNob
 Swinging the Weasel was fun until one of the pillow cases ripped open, and Brad's face was torn into bloody shreds by the dizzy, pissed off creature. --Generik
 Steve stopped suddenly, the pillow forgotten. He'd never realized before the perky way Sajid's chest muscles bunched as he parried a downstroke. Sajid was no fool -- as he reared back for another blow, he "carelessly" brushed his shirt up, revealing taut ab muscles, gleaming with manly perspiration. Derek, on the bed, blushed furiously and tried to hide his growing "excitement"... --Stealth
 ...and because of our new N4X Chip, PilloFite9000 for the Sony PlayStation will be the best and most realistic version to date. --Daniel M. Laenker
 The three IADL fans, having spent hours trying to come up with a caption for the latest picture, give up and have a pillow fight. --Lots42@aol.com
 Wanting to join in on the fun but being too poor to afford a pillow, Ben cuts his shirt up and stuffs his head into it. He quickly won the fight. --Lots42
 "These clan hats would be a lot easier to put on if we took the pillows out first! --louie
 It was great fun at the annual Mascot's Pillowfight...until Juan Valdez smacked the Doughboy's head just a little too hard. --Yellow Dawg
 Eww! So THIS is why my keyboard's always so sticky when my friends are done with the IADL! --Magus
 ...where the pilliows are hers, and hers, and his Three's Company too... --R.J.M.
 Backstage at The Jerry Springer Show, the "Green Room" is more of a snot-yellow. --Heath
 Frank had just lost an eye...this was no longer all fun and games. --NATE
 "G-Softy" gets jumped in to the Baker Street Wussies. --Deiphage
 Just remember this photo when somebody tells you that Mormons really don't know how to cut loose... --Tillman
 Last Tuesday, Jeff whacked his pillow a little too hard and tore a hole in the space-time continuum. --Emil Blovin
 Sometimes I wonder why I became a lesbian. It is moments like these that remind me. --El Nina
 Joe didn't understand the point of the game and thwacked himself in the head. --Lots42
 Pillow-Man wins...FATALITY --The Mystery Roach
 Sudden spontaneous indoor hurricanes? Dang that El Nino! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 It was only a pillow fight--until Stan pulled out the sinister Black Pillow of Death. --Lost in Erehwon
 Chad's overactive competitive impulse drove him to fill his pillowcase with rocks before the fight. --anon
 Eventually, the PCP/LSD cocktail wore off, leaving Mike to ponder the swath of death and destruction he had wreaked with what he thought was a pillow, but was actually his roommate's torso. --Pastor of Muppets
 "Extreme Pillow fighting! Suu---mmmphghhh! Ow, shit! That hurt!" --Lots42
 Ah, man I said pillow-biters, not pillow-fighters! Geez, can't anyone get my order right? --DieLifeDie
 The puny mortals did learn something, that day. They learned to beware the deadly pillow of Lord Sarnak! --Jamey Powell
 Cliff makes the fatal mistake of saying Erik Estrada has no life. --RipperJak
 "Take my pawn en passant, eh? How about I just do an undiscovered check down your friggin' THROAT?!" --RipperJak
 Yes, it's all fun and games until some poor bastard loses his head. --RipperJak
 A thrilling scene from Shaolin Bedding of Fury. --Shem
 "Hey I got an idea... let's hit each other with the pillows!" --Deiphage

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