IADL #308
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 I didn't realize Junior Colleges had dorms? --Opie
 Energy Conservation Tip #56: You can turn your brain off to save power during those idle moments. --Bucky
 Yes, but if he's got Mentos in his pocket this is all okay. --Bucky
 Dude - you really don't have to sing along every time you watch the Smurfs ... --Riff
 Believe it or not, some applicants to COBRA aren't even competent enough to make the Dreadnoks... --Doc Evil
 Why antidepressants have expiration dates. --Sean Q
 Are you sure you want to know what this man would do for a Klondike Bar? --RipperJak
 Imagine.. me and you roomates AGAIN this year! What are chances?! This semeter's gonna KICK ASS! --Oi mis Granados!
 Ever the perfectionist, Nate practices his "Open up and say Ahhhh" techniques in the waiting room. --Sean Q
 Personally, I don't think these guys do any time of the day! --DieLifeDie
 In an effort to avoid the dreaded morning, Bob does 437 double espressos. --Emil Blovin
 Fred just loved watching the crazy antics of Eva Gabor on 'Green Acres'. Rashid just loved the way Fred's drooling tongue rested seductively on his chin. --Stealth
 "All right, Carl--you've got the hot pants, the glasses, the 'fro, and the tongue. But you still don't look a damn thing like Scary Spice." --JAS
 He doesn't do any chicks, either... --Doc Evil
 The first 'Seinfeld' spinn-off: Newman: The College years. --Doc Evil
 Fozzie Bear's dream of becoming human is realized. --Deiphage
 Unfortunately, Sam's "Real Doll for Girls" venture was a dismal, sick and utter failure. --tv's Spatch
 I don't do sanity. --NME--
 In a rare whimsical moment: King Herod and Jesus Christ at the cast reunion party at Andrew Lloyd Webber's place. --helen keller, who only wants to know, only wants to know...
 Public Education Film #814: This Is The Danger of Not Doing Mornings! --helen keller, blind, deaf mute public servant kinda chick
 The Family Circus Fan Club's semiannual meeting had a record attendance. --alanon
 After 512 of Al's Bill The Cat impressions in a single evening Tony finally lost it. The room smelled of blood for a year. --DieLifeDie
 That shirt looks awfully wet. How long has he been doing that anyway? --DieLifeDie
 Wait, dude!!! Don't sit on my... taser... --Doc Evil
 Two jerks do not a circle make. --NATE
 ... yeah, well it isn't like mom didn't warn you. She told you a million times your face would freeze like that. --Luna
 Waldo's day off and for my money, he's far too easy to find in this picture... --Tillman
 Well, this should bring a swift end to the boxer shorts craze... --Tillman
 I don't do ugly guys in their underwear. --Tom Geller
 Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone XVIII --Mr. ?
 Bob, having spent way to much time on IADL, tries to think up caption's for his brother's epileptic attack. --Lots42@aol.com
 Figure 1. Chronic facial spasms characteristic of Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) resulting from years of Thorazine therapy. --Deiphage
 The latest pic from alt.erotica.bianaries.dorks.nineteen.eighties.boxer.shorts.dorm.room.cartoon.poster --anon

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