IADL #309
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 Why did I ever decide to go to San Andreas University? --Mr. ?
 Bob pulls an all-nighter before the Hokey Pokey final. --Heath
 Even as a college junior Rick still believed everything his mother told him about sex. He reasoned that nobody would notice if he had hair growing on the bottom of his feet. --Opie
 Remember gang: When looking out for Number One, don't step in Number Two... --Doc Evil
 Sadly, George could never get the hang of the Macarena. --RipperJak
 Howard's peaceful meditations were always rudely interrupted by the crude, animal hooting of his friends down the hall. He knew if this continued, he would never attain enlightenment.... and THEN how would he ever get laid?! --Magus
 Jason had the disturbing ability to remove his underwear without taking off his pants. --Mr. ?
 "What? Oh, this is Meditation in Odd Positions. Arguments are 3 doors down the hall." --Magus
 With all the Top Ramen in the apartment eaten, a starving William shamefully turned his back to his friends and ate the only food that there was: Skin from his own athlete's foot infection. --Ravecavy
 Excuse me, are those Bugle Boy jeans you're embarrassing yourself in? --agm
 He soon discovered his life's calling to join the Ministry of Silly Walks. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Matthew, having watched too many Transformers cartoons, attempts to become a Concorde. --Stealth
 At the end of the season premeire, Quinn Mallory takes just a moment to read a really cute Dragonmirth before sliding to the next world. --Shifter
 It's probably just as well we're seeing this from the back. --Brian
 Caught up in a frenzy of dik play, Phil trips over his nutsack. --Sean Q
 Mr. Myagi, why must I stand in this way and face the wall? Is this part of my training? Did I just hear a click? --Riff
 Jack never really understood that the lotus was a sitting position, and thus, sadly missed enlightenment. --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 A bit unclear on the concept, Steve spends his evenings practicing his flamingo dancing. --Generik
 Before Ryu could recover, Guile's sonic boom would knock him through the window. --Deiphage
 Okay, maybe if I hold my foot like this... no. Damn! I still can't see that "Magic Eye" picture! --Lost in Erehwon
 Due to a minor mathematical error, Jim's endless hours of training for the three-legged race would go unrewarded. --Deiphage
 When Bobby talked about "trippin" all the time, we thought he was on drugs. It turns out he was just really clumsy. --Deiphage
 How the hell did a dormatory hit an iceberg? --Mr. ?
 I have never seen anyone kicking their own ass before. Is this the same guy who bonked hiself with the pillow? --Mr. ?
 "Are those Bugle Boy pants you're splitting?" --Mycroft
 Ungh! Whoever the fuck superglued my socks to my shoes is gonna get his ass kicked! --agm
 "The Engorged Stork" as illustrated in The Kama Sutra for One --Sean Q
 Jaques attempts to prove his theory that Athlete's Foot and jock itch are caused by the same fungus. --Sean Q
 Despite his valiant efforts, Bob still had to put his pants on one leg at a time... --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 "As you can see, section BB was improperly attached. We believe this was the cause of the eventual crash" --The Sandman
 Ow! Ouch! Dammit, Spinn, don't leave all those asterixes lying on the floor! Those things're sharp! --agm
 o/` The weather started getting rough, the tiny dorm was tossed... o/` --Doc Evil
 "The leg bone's connected to the...holy shit, what is that?" --anon

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