IADL #310
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Scan supplied by Pastor of Muppets

 Pay no attention to the little man at the desk. We the great and powerful Heathers of Oz, have spoken! --Doctor Whom
 There are seven boobs in this picture...can you spot them all? --Heath
 "Keptin! Keptin! Lady Ogglin' geek decloaking off the port bow! He isn't answerin' our hails!" --Magus
 Smile for the nice kidnapper. --Mr. ?
 No one noticed Dilbert decloaking until it was too late... far too late... --Shifter
 I see you're all back from your vacation in Chernyobyl-- it went well; I can tell by the glow on your faces. --Kitsunesan
 As the three girls gathered together for what they thought would be a photo, Greg activated the switch that opened the trap door. --RipperJak
 Skinner thought that these three were a poor choice for FBI agents, but at least non of them believes in aliens. --ChAoS
 So these are LadyG, LadyH, and LadyI. No wonder they didn't make the cut ... --Riff
 As Mary and Liz continued to squeeze their heads closer together, Becky's head eventually exploded like a giant zit. --R.J.M.
 As Jen, Alex and Sally mugged for the camera, nobody noticed Elvis sitting in the background. --Mr. Ben McClellan's IADL invasion!
 Wow, look at the size of her...... desk! --Magus
 "Outer" and "Empty" might have had a chance. But the Spice Girls had no choice but to turn them down when they applied with "Lost-in." --Lost in Erehwon
 Surprisingly, everyone ignored Jimmy Hoffa in the background. --RipperJak
 The "Triplemint Gum" ad campaign died abruptly due to the fact that none of the models look a damn thing alike. --Eli
 Did 'er... did 'er... did 'er... did 'im... --Duckfoot--
 Just then, another head slammed in from the left. The girl in the candy cane shirt went flying across the room. --Lots42
 Rorschach's Journal, May 2nd 1995: "If seeing this now, whether I am alive or dead, you will know the truth: whatever precise nature of this conspiracy, Delta Gammas responsible." --who watches phil?
 The IADL accounts receivables department: While LadyJ snaps the pics, Spinn grabs the wallets. -- Crazy Climber
 Mike realized that no matter how much make-up he wore, the Alpha Phi's had no desire to initiate him. --phht
 Cheerleaders are phototropic... just one of the many similarities to the average houseplant. --The Sandman
 P.S. 213's Pregnant Booster Club shows off their school spirit, and their "maternal glow". --Ravecavy
 ... and the coconut-like sound of their heads colliding secretly delighted the nerd... --Doc Evil
 Darryl was such a geek that even dropping twenties on the floor couldn't get him noticed. --Yellow Dawg
 Photographic evidence that women are bright and men are dim. --Stealth
 Isn't this a blonde joke? --Thomas Wilde
 Now that's my kind of Eyewitness News team! --Trainman
 Book #75 in The Baby-Sitters Club series, "The Trouble With Stalkers": Sheila and her friends love their job looking after the neighborhood kids, but it always gets weird when Stacy's creepy dad shows up to watch them from the shadows! --Maiden Japan

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