IADL #312
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 Clark finishes up his tracheotomy homework. --Stealth
 Is this bugging you? Is this bugging you; I'm not touching you. Does this bug you? --Nervous Tick
 The real reason LadyJ was appointed new admin of the IADL --Magus
 Now throw your feet in the air...and wave them like you just don't care... --Raper's Delight
 Sex and violence in one panel? What is this, sweeps week? --RipperJak
 I realize college kids lean toward cheap food, but is cannibalism really the answer? --phil
 From the upcoming Anne Rice novel, The Sophomore Lestat. --phil
 ...and from that day on, Lorraine had an intense case of elbow envy. --Elkman
 Frank really didn't mind sharing a room, he really didn't mind when Clark brought girls back to the room, but goddamnit if that broad kicked the bottom of his bunk during foreplay one more time he was gonna have to kick some ass. --Opie
 "Ftop ftruggling - my brafef are caught on one of your buttonf!" --Yellow Dawg
 Bill profusely apologized to Denise. "I'm sorry. I wasn't coming onto you. I just tripped over a nut sak, and I just kinda fell forward." --Magus
 The elbo's connected to the...vulva... --R.J.M.
 Rather than make a disgusting video of their child being born, the Johnsons make a disgusting video of their child being conceived. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Jordan chuckled silently to himself...in about 8 minutes he could change the number on the wall to "15". --Opie
 Makeout, or smothering murder?........ possibly both. --Magus
 Christ! No wonder the IADL and the DFC are taking so long to get updated! --Opie
 No wonder I keep hearing that giggling in the background whenever I dial tech support... --Doc Evil
 Hi, Al Borland here, and on today's Tool Time, Tim and I will show you new college co-eds how to build a loft! First, Tim wil...Tim? TIM! FOR THE LAST TIME, GET OFF HER!!! --porn monkey
 You sure this is how you get ticks off? --Crack baby
 Before starting, they conscientiously spread around some newspapers to catch any 'drippings.' --Geoduck
 Looks like a pilot for another new feature - Dysfunctional Blackmail! --Riff
 The "City & State" section always got Joe a little randy. --Emil Blovin
 So this is what he meant by "let's go cram before finals" --Sean Q
 Ted Stryker frantically searches for Elaine's "Manual Inflation Tube." --Zefel
 It's Dysfunctional Family Twister time, folks! --Dr. KNob
 Joe failed his CPR class. --Lots42
 Alt.sex.binaries.crotch-ramming --Lots42
 "Hold still, do you want a cheap tongue piercing or not?" --twomp
 Good Will Humping. --Orrin "boom-chicka-WOW" Bloquy
 Damn. If she doesn't suffocate soon, I'm gonna get my money back. Revolutionary Sobakawa pillow, my ass. --Mycroft
 Today's 'frisky flick' brought to you by the letter N and the number 14. --Luna
 Bob suddenly realizes that he smothered her to death long ago, and that for the past hour he has been making out with a corpse. --Magus
 Frank, a member of the college swim team, shaved his legs to cut down on friction. This provoked an unexpected reaction from his roommate, Dave. --Buoy

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