IADL #316
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 Anyone else impressed by the level of concentration he's putting into this? --Peon
 Americans didn't find these pictures of East German terrorists that alarming, but then again, they never had to use East German toilet paper. --phil
 Everybody has their own special way of saying goodbye to Seinfeld. --Crack Baby
 Why do I get the feeling this guy's in the director's cut of The Warriors? --phil
 CrÍpe semaphore: One more argument against gays in the military. --Heath
 Sorry.... we don't need a "Stinky Spice".... NEXT! --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Jungle Tactic 141: How to lower enemy's morale with a sneak attack on their latrines. --Mr. ?
 On your way to Hell, you will see the TP Demon waving the last roll you'll ever see for eternity. --Mr. ?
 The +2 Vorpal Blade will be defended by a 4th-level Master of TP. One Enveloping attack per round, no saving throw. --Horselover Fat
 After taking performance enhancing drugs, Cherie the gymnast started noticing some unusal side affects --midget girl
 Heartfelt as Joey's "Tribute to Mexico" was, most critics felt it was a mistake to try and include guerrila warfare, Zorro, and Montezuma's Revenge in the same dance routine. --Shifter
 Thanks to this jerk, there's some poor bastard in the freshman dorm men's room wiping his ass with his own sock. --Opie
 When Mrs. Smith refused to obey the 'please don't squeeze' sign, Mr. Whipple had no choice but to call in the troops. --Kitsunesan
 In the wake of political upheaval, many Eastern European countries have really let their rhythmic gymnastics teams go to seed... --Desscribe
 Throw your tissue in the air... and wave it like you just don't care! --LadyJ
 You have no idea how tough it is to T.P. a prison with one arm chained to your waist. --LadyJ
 Bachelor number three enjoys guns, hunting, "bashing them faigs", and rhythmic gymnastics. --Buoy
 Here ya go, Mr. Cornholio! --Doc Evil
 If you ask me, Quake II just isn't all that impressive.. --Doc Evil
 Fred Whipple, Jr., rebelled against his father's strict toilet-paper-handling policies. --Trainman
 Sadly, Donald's career in the militia was short-lived after he misheard his superior's order to go on KP... --JAS
 Man, the bosses in the later "Mario" games just weren't as threatening.. --Skywise
 In a bit of hubris that would soon prove fatal, McGuyver attempts to improvise a way down off of the embassy roof. --Harry Feltersnatch
 "Well, sure, it's certainly a neat power, but we're afraid it's just not Justice League quality. Thanks anyway... Next!" --Dr. KNob
 How to Break an Embassy Siege: (1) blast loud music outside the walls; (2) cut off the electric power supply; or (3) (illustrated above) plug all of the toilets. --Sean Q
 "Whoops! Bet you thought you'd be using this, didn't you? Now, Mr. Bond, tell me where you hid the microfilm, and I may let you wipe." --Stealth
 Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, West German border patrols would taunt their East German counterparts with Levi's jeans and soft toilet paper. --Sean Q
 Although skilled in their vandalism techniques, the TP Warriors were no match for rival street gangs. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 The Hygeine Militia: not only will they kick your ass, they'll wipe it too. --Sean Q
 This is another Cure video, isn't it? --RipperJak
 Hi, Marine First Lieutenant Amos Muldoon for Quilted Northern. You know, when you're crawling through dense jungle, picking snipers out of the trees, defending democracy in all its forms, the last thing you want in your survival kit is a bath tissue that chaffes... --Sean Q
 Colonel Punctuation practices the important-yet-tricky "at sign"... --The Sandman
 No, Forrest, throw the objects from the box marked 'grenades'! --Mr. ?
 Fed up with terrorist attacks, the Olympic committee decides just to go ahead and allow the terrorists to enter the games. --Desscribe
 And this would be how they celebrate New Year's Eve in Portland, Oregon. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Sigfreid and Roy: The Contra Years --Agent Elite
 Here we see George Michaels assistant. --Waldo
 Be all you can be --anon
 Locked deep within the pyramid walls, Jeremy prepares to mummify himself. --Riff
 Say what you like, but at least this event isn't as goofy as synchronized swimming. --Werehamster

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