IADL #317
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 Wait! I think he moved. --Mr. ?
 The carbon test shows this piece dates back to caption 300, perhaps 301. --Mr. ?
 After failing to figure out who put the chisel into the back of the cherub's head, Perry Masonite, the 19th Century's greatest stone detective, had to admit it was an unsolvable case. --HasNoName
 Spinn's ugly secret comes out: The "Sophisticated Random Image Chooser Software" is actually a Labrador Retriever named "Boomer" who thumps a forefoot on the keyboard... --Tillman
 Tip: You can fight off vengeful angels sent down by God to punish you by kicking them in the balls and running. --Magus
 No matter how cleverly you package it, white chocolate just doesn't sell. --Jitter
 Some guardian angel, was Mr. Perkins' last thought. He can't even protect me from deja vu. --Lost in Erehwon
 Once again proving the old maxim, Put an infinite number of monkeys in a room with an infinite number of Photoshop programs and you'll end up with an alarmingly regular output of 'Check out that rock-hard ass' pics. --Shifter
 Five years at Juliard down the drain... --Crack Baby
 I can never keep it straight; is it cherubim or seraphim who are incontinent? --Sean Q
 "Mmmmmmmmm...nope. Those wings still don't match those curls." --Stealth
 Here we have two of the most popular exhibits in the IADL Hall of Fame, tributes to "Doc Evil" and "Namgubed the Merry Elf". --Sean Q
 Spinn finally discovers the solution to all those morons who want to post into the archive--simply rerun the damn pictures! --Emil Blovin
 Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer. --NME--
 "Perhaps the Illuminati are mocking us, placing their deepest secrets in full view, using the mystical connection of the numbers 300 and 317!", said the man. "Oh, jeez, here we go again," thought the cherub. --Buoy
 Peeing cherub statue? I'm sorry, I don't DO peeing cherub statues! --Doc Evil
 "Oh, no!" cried Cupid. "Not him again!" --Heath
 Oh boy! Another chance to get all my captions rejected! --Shifter
 Sadly, 'The Best Of IADL' failed when everyone submitted the exact same captions over again. --Lots42
 "Whoo hoo! Can't wait for that Slavic chick on the train again!" --Lots42
 Looking at IADL too long makes you turn to stone. --Lots42
 And over in the DFC, fans were getting another opprotunity to make fun of Kittykat scratching the hell out of Jeffy. --Lots42
 We see here that LadyJ is making a subtle point about the flitting insignificance of our mortal existence, by showing that even as we rush around in our lives, these statues count the passing of millenia, not hours. What have I achieved? Have I let the day-to-day details conceal the big picture? Of course, there is the off chance that Spinn just fucked up. --Rusty Russell
 Waiting for Godot, Part Deux. --Tom Geller
 Like my pappy used to say..."boy, you either gotta screw the cherub or leave with the one that brung ya"...I don't know what it means, but it seems to apply here for some reason --Mike Hunt
 Get your commemerative 'Faust in the seventh circle of Hell' Chess set for only 7 easy payments... --Mr. ?
 Stupid museum! They have restrooms marked "Men" and "Women", but nothing for "Cherubim"! --Elkman
 Yep, he's still there. --CrAsH(the plagerist)
 Ah, jeez, it's that camera jerk again ! jeez, man, insteada takin' pictures, why don't you bring me back some @#$@#$ing pants like I asked ? --Kitsunesan
 Same picture twice, but what do you expect? It's just a Freudian slip. --phil
 Even after being turned into a pillar of salt, Lot's wife was still sexy. --ChAoS
 "That boy's melodic voice! Why, I could make him...a star! Or at least I could make him.." --helen keller, how loves reruns
 "Hmmm...have I been here before, or am I just really stoned?" --Desscribe
 Well, sweeps month must be over...even IADL has gone into summer reruns. --Tillman

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