IADL #318
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 While opening up for the Indigo Girls, Prodigy's set was mysteriously cut short halfway through 'Smack My Bitch Up.' --NATE
 Vanilla Ice headlines this summer's Lollapaloser Tour --NATE
 I've got a ferret in my pants -- top that you fuckers! --Yakko
 Utilizing newly developed gene-splicing technology the Legion of Doom unveils their most hideous SuperVillian: Lex Luther Vandros --Opie
 Although very musically gifted with a knack for covers, the tribute band "Me2" broke up after too many arguments over who was gonna be Bono. --tv's Spatch
 "This next number's for my twin brother Lash...it's our rendition of The Dead Milkmen's 'You Got an Earwig!'" --Desscribe
 "OF COURSE we're the band!! We've got shiny rockstar SHIRTS, Don't we?!!" --caffeina
 Then again, maybe it wasn't a good idea for Scott Weiland to sing Barry Whites greatest hits. --RipperJak
 They were trying hard to be a good alternative band, but when Dee started belting out "We're Not Gonna Take It," the audience knew -- deep down inside, they were still Twisted Sister. --phil
 Dang! Check it out, mates! I didn't know Abe Vigoda could KICK that much ass in the mosh pit! --Doc Evil
 "That's it! If I don't get my damned pogs back, I am gonna start to kick some ass!!!" --AQUALUNG
 "WE LOVE YOU CLEVELAND!!!!!!" Shouted Mike, as Vince suddenly realized that, ever since "the incident", every town was Cleveland to Mike. --AQUALUNG
 "Up Yours With People '98" Coming to your city this summer! --Tillman
 What's the frequency, Kenneth Starr? --Doc Evil
 Pathetically, the band got through 4 songs before they realized that nobody had shown up for the concert. --Magus
 They could handle the sequinned shirts and the sunglasses, even the elimination of microphones and instruments, but when Micheal Stipe started screaming obscenities at the audiance while pretending to be stuck in an invisible box, the other members of R.E.M. finally thought he went a little too far. --fish in the sky
 This must be a "Men Without Legs" concert ... --Riff
 That's NOT a Frisbee, you imbecilles! That's my HAIRPIECE!!! Give it back! --Doc Evil
 NO! NO! NO!! It's "passionate love", not "passion and love"!! If you fuckers aren't going to get it right don't sing along at all!! --fish in the sky
 Proffeser Xaiver, overexcited at catching a ball at Cubs game, one hit by a Cub player, stands for it, then falls off the upper deck ledge and into the crowd. --Lots42
 Bill and ted get in deep shit when they go back in time to heckle Hitler. --Lots42
 IADL, Janurary 2nd, 2001. Spinn's entire fan club riots when he puts up the Statue picture yet again. --LotsFortyTwo
 I'm crushing all of you! I'M CRUSHING ALL OF YOU!! --NME--
 In the mirror universe, Charlie Brown was a thrash metal rock star... --Doc Evil
 "Shiny guys rule!" --The Sandman
 You might increase your vocal endurance if you'd USE THE MICROPHONE, you moron! --Namgubed the Decidedly Non-Cherubic Elf
 The stage was so complicated on the last U-2 tour, Bono required not one but two stunt doubles. --Sean Q
 "And if I find out which one of you fuckers put Nair in my shampoo, there's gonna be blood on the floor!" --Shem
 In a last ditch attempt to revive his career, Scott Baio goes grunge! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 o/" All we are saaaaayyyying....comon you fuckers, sing along...is give peeeaaaaccceee a chance...... if ya don't sing, I'll gonna come down there and bust ya fucking brains out!!.......o/" --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 "Are you ready to rock?! I said, are you ready to rock? Well, I'm glad somebody is, because Brad here certainly isn't!" --Desscribe
 I'm all for "all-star" concerts in theory, but somebody somewhere along the line should have realized that the musical styles of Brad Pitt, Steven Seagal and Paul Schaffer just don't mesh. --Desscribe
 They knew Mike had never ridden on a luggage cart before, but his excitement still seemed a tad extreme. --anon

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