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 Ohhh, I am to be trippin' on my Hidday in a frenzy of Jahai...to be certain! --R.J.M.
 "Yeah, I'm an 18 year old virgin model. No, really. What do you mean, you can see me? HEY!!" --Pete
 Yeah, Spinn did a good job pasting the CU-Seeme business on the pic, but some of us actually saw Alien Autopsy.... --phil
 "Bored, and a bit frustrated by his legal persecution, Bill Gates brings up a profile at random. Feeling a bit giddy, he hits 'alt-k' and a red 'X' appears over the 'life' icon. Somewhere in San Diego, Hidday Jahai's pacemaker stops." -- From the promotional literature for MS God v. 2.1 --Mycroft
 Things work a little differently here on Iranian People's Court...for example, this unfortunate soul was convicted of sniffing his wife's underwear, and is about to get his brain cavity vigorously swabbed by an enormous Q-tip... --Mutantdog
 Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Arnold's latest WB hit! --Skywise
 Communicating with anyone in the world via the internet is kinda like bondage...it sounds swell till you actually find yourself in the 'fuzzy cuffs' --wench23
 I'm trippin' on my QuickTake in a frenzy of mic play! --Elkman
 Ok folks, let me have your attention. This next game will be a blackout, I repeat this will be a blackout game. First one to cover all their squares will win a $25 gift certificate to Singh's Quik-Gas mini-mart courtesy of myself and my brother Sobjib.. --Opie
 "I was minding my own business," thought Hidday. "And now, thanks to spinn, I must commit suicide to escape the shame! But I'm not going to Shaitan alone!" --Jason Wells
 At 5.8 farts per second, Hidday Jahai was protected by a constant... well, aura would be the polite term. --Dr. KNob
 "Take your partner and dosey-doe! Hold on tight and don't let go! Spin her around with all your might! Just make sure her veil's on tight!" Mid-East hoe-downs are always a hoot... --Tillman
 Auditions for the new Aladdin villian were slow and tedious. --Crack baby
 Joe, frustrated with another user who couldn't find the Start button in Win95, opens a portal from another dimension and zaps the man through this modem connection. --((((((((Lots42))))))))
 Spinn's not fooling anyone. He just posted a picture of his grandpa DJ'ing at a roller disco. --Lots42
 Dammit! Where's the 'Enter Your Own Caption' button!? I spend all night coming up with Slavic ladies' jokes! --Lots42
 'Hidday Jahai', an ancient Armenian form of torure, where a large, bent phallic object is inserted into the left nostril of your victim. --Red
 Hidday, having just won the Powerball jackpot, spends the rest of his shift telling users that deleting the 'setup.exe' file will solve their problems. --Lourrats42
 "Ignore the little man inside the convenience store. I command you, Pay at the Pump!" --Sean Q
 Hidday's "economy model" prosthetic arm - terminating in a smooth white knob - made everyday hygene a challenging task. --Yellow Dawg
 Bob stared in horror at the words on his screen. He typed in the two words as a joke, but someone actually spoke that particular dialect, and was deeply offended. --not for the faint of heart
 And you thought E.T. had a long finger.... --phil
 In the interests of keeping nuisance drivers off the server, Battle.Net now requires all would-be network players of "Carmageddon" to submit to an on-line breathalizer test. --Smokey
 From an on-line broadcast from VH-1 India: Hidday Jahai's new #1 video, "Hip Hop Hidday!" --Smokey
 alt.binaries.aura.goofy.first.name --anon
 Not surprisingly, the Albanian version of "Max Headroom" was just a cheap, pale plagiarism of the original --Dog-Matic 2000
 Paging Dr. Freud... --Mike Hunt
 Years after his commercial career fizzled, Mikey...now a popular porn 'actor', proves that he'll STILL eat anything --Harry Feltersnatch
 "Thank you. Thank you. And now, I would like to be playing a favorite of mine, "Thanking Allah I'm Being a Country Boy". Ana one, ana two..." --Tillman

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