IADL #320
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 Hey Taz, nice pants! --Doc Evil
 Next issue, in Teen Titans, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash go out for a night on the town, with predictably disastrous results. --Desscribe
 "They're robbing the bank!" "Quick! Wonder twin powers... activate!" "Shape of... a howler monkey!" "Form of... thick, choking smog!" --Emil Blovin
 He didn't try to disabuse her of the notion... he wasn't all that successful in the romance department, and after all she seemed to enjoy the idea of being ravished nightly by a demon. But after a few weeks, a mutual friend let on that he was just Pigpen from Peanuts and she dropped him like a rock. --Mycroft
 If blurboy here isn't some sort of corporate logo, he should be.. --Skywise
 But you can't force me to buy Win98 -- I don't even own a computer!! --Ratman
 "I just think it would be better if we didn't see so much of each other, Dan." "Here--how's this?" --Steevie's-tribute-to-Yellow-Dawg
 Their relationship was doomed from the start. She was Jewish, and he was an incredibly dense fragment of the Horsehead Nebula. The holidays would have been hell. --Shifter
 What STAR WARS cantina critter is she supposed to be? --Don Spudleone
 "Sorry. You're a swell guy and all, but, well, I just don't like Air Elementals all that much." --Magus
 I heard the expression "If looks could kill," but I never imagined "looks could disintegrate." --Crack Baby
 Edna the Barbarian encounters her first Lesser Spinnwebe. She rolls to dodge it's camera attack, but fails, suffering 6 points of humiliation. --Magus
 "Sorry - I'm just not into fast guys." --Riff
 Leslie was so taken aback by spotting the Yeti in the offices of the Weekly World News, she didn't notice the alien saucer approaching from behind her. --Riff
 Miss Saudi Arabia shows her disdain at receiving the Miss Congeniality award. --R.J.M.
 "Dharma and Cthullu, new this fall from FOX!" --Lots42-SpunkyBoy
 Caught by one of his "victims," Spinn quickly activates his cloaking device and dissolves into the background. --Emil Blovin
 Whoa, wrong co-ed! Riker to LaForge, one to beam up. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "Quick! How many hit dice does a gelatinous cube have?" --Smokey
 "I just think it would be better if we didn't see so much of each other, Dan. I need someone who's more...you know, focused. --Yellow Dawg
 My old college roommate moved in on drunken co-eds faster than I could record with conventional photographic techniques. --Sean Q
 Sure, he was a celebrity and his face was pasted on millions of T-shirts, but Taz still couldn't pick up girls to save his life. --anon
 Despite all that the Shadow supposedly knows, he still has to ask this girl for her phone number. --Aadroma
 Death never WAS very popular in the singles bars. --Aadroma
 Wanda meets a celebrity at LAX..."Weren't you, like, one of the Banana Splits back in the sixties? YEAH! The dude with the elephant snout! Man, you look, like totally haggard now, dude." --Tillman

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