IADL #321
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 Leo didn't know which was worse -- having his grandmother auction off him and her breakfast to passers-by, or the fact that the breakfast always went first. --phil
 They're having a special on McWhite Boys. --Mr. ?
 Hey check this out! The toy has more nutritional value than the rest of the meal put together! --Mr. ?
 Excuse me Ma'am? Would you care to sign a petetion demanding the recall of Mayor McCheese? --Opie
 Appealing to Mom's desire to have well-behaved, predictable children, McDonalds introduces the 'Prozac meal'. --Riff
 "Heh," thought Maria, "I think that big guy with the orange hair smiled at me." --LadyJ
 Christ Grandma, slow down! How man times do I have to tell you, NOBODY IS GOING TO CHASE US DOWN FOR TAKING EXTRA KETCHUP PACKETS! --Opie
 Yeah, I saw it too, son. Ronald McDonald heading for the back room with a Hustler mag in his hand, muttering something about Making the Secret Sauce... --Doc Evil
 "Yeah, go ahead and shoot up the place, asshole. Get happy. You'll be doin' me an' the boy a favor." --Erekose
 Wild horses coudn't drag them away from Mickey D's... besides, they'd probably wind up on the grill. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 McFuck You! --Waldo
 "That's not Barney, that's Grimace. You're so lame, Ma!" --Heath
 The Marge Schott Summer camp was not a happy place. --Waldo
 Brat, brown bag, old bag, bad burgers. Today's message brought to you by the letter "B"! --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 Some folks liked their McLiver sandwiches very fresh. -- Crazy Climber
 McDonald's new Disgruntled Meal was a huge hit with the proletariat. --Sean Q
 Edna was so proud of the kidnapping, untill she realized nobody cared about the Caulkin family anymore. --fish in the sky
 Kevin was worried. Mrs. Johnson has already traded the rest of the class for an Egg McMuffin. What was to become of him? --Lots42
 McDons. The place to go for a vanilla milkshake, a hearty hamburger, and a hit put on a mook. --Lots42
 A bald guy with suspenders. A man in glasses and khaki pants. A guy with a ponytail. McDonalds had a good idea setting up a stand in the National UNIX Programmers Convention Hall. --Lots42
 Apparently young Joey is the only one worried about the man with no pants. --Lots42
 "Yes, it's a good thing you made me into Roseanne Barr, Anthony, a very good thing..." --The Sandman
 Eat your greaseburger, son, and you'll grow up bloated, smelly and absentee, just like your father. --Destroyer
 "Psst... hey kid.....How would you like to get yer hands on Bloated Bluto Beanie Baby?" ---Count Chuckula

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