IADL #323
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 IADL Cheap shot #27:Hair today, gone tommorrow! --Doc Evil
 Hello Julie? Yes, this is the captain, tell Gopher and Issac to report to the bridge stat. --Opie
 I swear to God, if one more idiot asks if I'm Anthony Edwards, I'm gonna pop open a can of whoop-ass! --Doc Evil
 LASH -- Let's All Shed Hair -- was the militant wing of the Follically Challenged of America, and was often seen at youth gatherings trying to convince kids to shave their heads. --Emil Blovin
 This is how blind people crush your head. --Norm DePlume
 "Whoa, you mean Jenny McCarthy's not on this show anymore? Carmen who? Fuck that, man, I'm outta here." --Mycroft
 "So the length of your earlobe is the same as the length of your...hey, this isn't right!" --phil
 Maybe if I comb my ear hair over they wont notice my bald spot. --4T2
 They never should have let Chelsea pick out her own Secret Service detail --Harry Feltersnatch
 Lash felt that the daisy showed off his "sensitive side" to the chicks. --Emil Blovin
 He froze, his hand up to protect his brain, as Molly Ringwald bared her teeth at him. 'It's true.' He whispered to his partner. 'She's gone feral on us!' --Jason Wells
 Ready to mosh, Number One? Make it so! --Doc Evil
 "It's the new Sony Micro-DiscMan. Fits right in here, and you can hardly see it. The buttons are hell to push, though." --Heath
 July 22, 1975: In one of televisions most classic "Bloopers" Carol Burnett attempts to give her signature sign-off and accidentally dislodges her wig, exposing the secret she had hidden for nearly 2 decades. --Opie
 Hi, I'm a member of the Los Angeles Spinn Heads. I'm here to tell you about the IADL. --Namgubed the Decidedly Non-Cherubic Elf
 Hey, babe - ever see a man who can remove his own eardrum? --Riff
 Joe would have been a hit with the ladies. Except he had no face. --Lots42
 Los Alamitos High School -- the most dyslexic school in the nation --Emil Blovin
 "Why yes Ma'am, my name is Lash!! You must be puh-sychic or somethun'..." ---Count Chuckula
 Bruce Willis on the set of Die Hard 4: Escape from Spice World --Mr. ?
 A nervous Phil Collins waits in line to meet the Spice Girls... --Tillman
 I am squishing my head! Squishing my head! --Hell no!
 As soon as i find my partner WHIP...we are gonna do some kick ass advertising for our law firm. --Waldo, Waldo, Waldo and Waldo Atts at law
 Picard here, one to beam up......hello....enterprise one to beam up..... hello...........make it so.......hello...........hello.......... --ensign Waldo
 In addition to printing their names on the back of their shirts, Lash and Allica had their home addresses pinned to their lapels. --Sean Q
 "I don't understand a word you're saying. Hold on, let me pop in my Babel Fish ... " --Shem
 The new designer ICQ shirts never really caught on. --Skywise
 After the telepath fiasco at B5, Garibaldi has to resort to doing concert security at the Mars Colony Arena. --Erekose
 "See? Squeaky clean, and I didn't need a Q-tip!" --Blithwulf
 As they prepared to move into Archive #317, Lash and his friends braced themselves for the worst. No telling what those statues might do when they got the eviction notice. --Desscribe

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