IADL #324
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 Even the stellar presence of Jimmy Breslin as costar couldn't assure 'My dinner with Dr Katz' box office success --Mike Hunt
 Well... Let's see who the Dallas Cowboys tried to rape today... --Doc Evil
 "Which caption should we put?" Vorlons "Let's put, 'Who is that?'" Shadows "Nah, how about, 'What does he want?'" Vorlons "NO. 'Who is that?'" Shadows "That's lame. It needs to be, 'What does he want?!" "NO! WHO IS HE?" "NO! 'WHAT DOES HE WANT!!!!" . . . . So it begins . . . --Erekose
 Damn! I've had it with this damn paper! What the hell is a four letter word for condemn to eternal torment. --Mr. ?
 "Hey, Fred, remember A-12, OK? I'm having trouble remembering where I'm going when the article jumps." --Trainman
 "Balding SWF looking for same, must like cats and Xena Warrior Princess".... True love where have you been all this time?!!!! --grenadine
 Ah, the pathos. To endure the madcap hijinks of your ward, all the while your own youth blossom withering with the fading of each day. Courage, Aunt Fritzi...courage!! --Smokey
 What?? Commodore Computers went out of business years ago? Damn! I'd better talk to that stock broker of mine. --Ratman
 "Quit whining," Joe finally said, putting his paper down. "I know there's a water fountain 2 feet from you, but no one told you to spend $3.50 on water!" --not for the faint of heart
 Joe lingered way too long over the brassire ad and drew many curious looks. --Lots42
 Heh-heh-heh... That Scott Adams is a fuckin' genius... --Doc Evil
 Rare shot of Lex Luthor reading the Daily Planet. --Doc Evil
 "What a fine cleansing soap you're using -- I can see myself!" --Stealth
 "Where's the love? Where's the passion? Where's the ketchup? Dammit, Marvin, put down that paper and listen to me for a change!" --Stealth
 I bet this guy shines his dome, if you know what I mean... --Doc Evil
 Not matter how informative a newspaper is, it just doesn't compare to the melodic, lush voice of that dreamy hunk of man-love, Peter Jennings. --agm
 "Nebraska...Nebraska...damn, nothing happened in Nebraska again!" --Heath
 PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): Look out! You could be on the business end of a camera eye; many jokes and much humiliation to follow. Look alive, or a fat old guy will steal your fries. --Smokey
 "See, I told you.......It says here in USA Today that Rogaine causes cancer......I said all along you shouldn't have used that stuff....." --Thick-E
 Jimmy the Greek and Pete Postlewhaite debate the spread on Game 2, if Rodman's faking the injury. --Anonywuss
 How ironic. The aliens are abducting the one who isn't reading the Weekly World News. --Riff
 "Huh, says here that people who eat fast food have a three-fold increased chance of suffering a debilitating stroke. Ya hear that, Chuck. Chuck? Chuck!" --Sean Q
 'Not Me' ate all the meat bulbs out of th' pasketti? I don't get it. --agm
 After her Disney career faded, a bitter Tinkerbell was forced to wait tables at a San Diego cafe. She didn't get many tips. --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 Foreplay for Siskel and Ebert sometimes involved recreating that special moment when their eyes first met... --Fresh Prince of Darkness

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