IADL #325
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 "Bathe him and bring him to me." -- Michael Jackson --Heath
 "Go ahead! Wish me into the cornfield! There's better food there anyway..." --Pete
 McDamion... --Doc Evil
 Having lept onto it's prey, the IADL "Mc Brat" clings on tenaciously, waiting for it's prey to tire out so it can strike with full strength. --Magus
 "Should I tell him about the tribble feasting on his eyeballs? Naaaah." --RipperJak
 McFuck You too! --Waldo
 If your kid looked like this, you would comb your hair over your face, too. --Sean Q
 Photo credits: Clothes by Gap Kids. MIlkshake by McDonalds. Haircut by Tupperware. --Sean Q
 Gen Xers become so disillusioned with sex that they begin to reproduce through budding. The results are not as expected.... --phil
 The "Duct Tape a Brat To Your Back" campaign was controversial, but it definitely brought Rufus Judd High School's teen pregnancy rate to a screeching halt. --Smokey
 Even as kids, John Lennon always carried Paul McCartney. -- Crazy Climber
 Cobain would never have offed himself if all he had was a monkey on his back... --The Sandman
 United Airlines's new "Kids Fly Free" promotion was even more wildly popular when it was discovered that children would be stored in the overhead luggage compartments. --Dr. KNob
 You know, it's pictures like this that convince me that we are just bald apes. --Riff
 The drawbacks of introducing your kids to Ska. --Riff
 Village of the Damned, Bowling Alley of the Vexed. --Mr. ?
 Must think happy thoughts, must think happy thoughts, how can I kill the boy, must think happy thoughts, uh oh. --Mr. ?
 Two men enter...one man leave! --Waldo
 A still from the educational film: Ceiling Fans: Furnishings of Tragedy. --Desscribe
 Having not yet completed his assassin's training, Nick Nack at first simply annoyed Bond by pouring water over his head. --Desscribe
 Lucky Springs Retirement Home gets internet access and Spinn is flooded by 'Damn hippy' captions. --Lots42
 The eyes just seem to follow you. --Lots42
 Is this Spridle or Chim-Chim? No matter, just stuff the li'l shit in the trunk... --Doc Evil
 Christ... That vascectomy just keeps looking better everyday... --Doc Evil

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