IADL #326
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 You could feel the cosmic alignment in the room as each of them simultaneously wondered, "Do these clothes make me look fat?" --Heath
 "Waiting for Godot?!? Man, we thought this was the line for Titanic!" --Dr. KNob
 "The Sum of the Whole is greater than the sum of the one, unless you are talking about Valley Girl brainpower." --toade
 Fifteen seconds later, Tiffany would open the door that was clearly marked "Do Not Open Under Any Circumstances", and they would all be sucked out into the only vaccum more vast than Tiffany's brain. --snackwhore
 The whole class agreed that Kammie had the best 'show and tell' subject when she brought the head of the last guy that jilted her --Harry Feltersnatch
 Open casting call for the new Xena spin-off, Mitzi, Lord of the Mall. --Sean Q
 Baby got back! No, I mean back! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 MTV's the Real World this season features Jamie, Pam, Larry, Sam, and the Grim Spectre of Death. --Mr. ?
 Today's topic for Short Term Memory loosers Anonymous is... um.. Today's topic for Short Term Memory loosers Anonymous is... --Mr. ?
 Since Newfoundland High only had one computer, everyone had to wait their turn to submit a caption. --Lots42
 "Dammit, we're not leaving until David Lee Roth signs our breasts!" --Pete
 The secret 48th level of DOOM 2. --Lots42
 Kodak promises they'll refund the print price if Death Itself walks in front of the picture. --Lots42
 We now join the Leo Dicaprio annonymous meeting already in progress. --Waldo
 Looks like they're lining up to be bathed and brought to Doc Evil ... --Riff
 "Duck.............Duck..........Goose!" --Thick-E
 Hmm ... looks like those protestors are directing their questions to the wall. --Riff
 IADL - slightly more fun than watching paint dry. --Riff
 Even though they never need it, before every show the bouncers at Lilith Fair review how to prevent stage-diving. --Sean Q
 "Wait...Yes! Yes I can feel them updating! I can feel it!" --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 Nah, that chick in the tank top can't possibly be Fiona Apple. She looks like she weighs more than 58 pounds... --Doc Evil
 At the casting call for Woody Allen's next girlfriend. --Shem
 "Sorry, teacher, could you go over that again? You unscrew the cap with the built-in brush and then run it over your toenail?" -- Crazy Climber

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