IADL #327
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 The IADLer sat in stunned silence. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally managed to just choke out one, simple word to nobody in particular: "Mom?" --Magus
 Even the white courtesy phone developed jerker's lean... --Duckfoot--
 Bjorka is into S&M, Leather and chains, trying to join the Mile-high club, and making her own brightly colored bead bags. For Bjorka, press 5493. --Mr. ?
 Edward Scissorhands' mom. Nuff Said. --Kitsunesan
 ...and if you think the S and M Hare Krishnas are something, there's some Scientologists who are into water sports at Gate 16. --The Mystery Roach
 Did it ever occur to you idiots that it might not MY lousy dufflebag? Get a life! --Doc Evil
 After the 7th Attempt to page "Mao Tse Tung" to the white curtesy phone, Lao Ling decides that perhaps Red China has fallen, and her assignment to obtain children's clothing from America has been all for naught. --AQUALUNG
 "Welcome to LAX. Would you like a flower? And have you been a naughty little boy?" --Sean Q
 What do the phone company sponsoring the phone on the right and the woman in the center have in common? Both charge ten cents a minute. --RipperJak
 Nikita refuses to negotiate her contract for another year, so join us for an all new season of La Femme Bjorkita on UPN! --snackwhore
 Poor Skanky Spice never did get that call back offer. --Mr. ?
 Rejected Star Trek character: Two out of Three. --Doc Evil
 Mary Lou Rhetton's remake of Tron didn't quite snag a lift on the nostalgia bandwagon. --Dr. KNob
 The scary thing is, that looks like a diaper bag on the floor next to her. --not for the faint of heart
 Calvin Klein's new leather attire with zipper pouches for nursing mothers. --RipperJak
 But the producers went with Marina Sirtis anyway. --Lots42
 900 lines, CU See Me, and typing dirty to the deaf -- it's Mistress Kim's One-Stop House o' Thrills. -- Crazy Climber
 After Steed took up with Tara King, Mrs. Peel fell on hard times and was reduced to begging for spare change in airline terminals. --Desscribe
 Aeon Flux, still eagerly awaiting a call from Mtv... or her agent... or pretty much anyone else. --Shifter
 "How humiliating. Getting my cell phone busted in a fight with the Boy Wonder. I'm gonna cream that little shit! --Smokey
 When the Phone Patrol started using leather and bondage on those who didn't dial 1-800-COLLECT, MCI was forced to shut down the agency. --Smokey
 This fall on Fox: Joyce DeWitt stars as a cheap hooker in Las Vegas, in Slots-N-Sluts. --Ratman
 Calico Carryon bag, Latex clothes.. hmm.. Call the Fashion police STAT --Terminus
 Yoko Phono --The Sandman
 I think I'll pass on this one... No need to bathe her... --Doc Evil
 This replicant would be much more frightening if she didn't have that rainbow bead handbag. --Nervous Tick

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