IADL #328
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 "So what say, Missy. Any chance I could get a little black box on this flight?" --Heath
 The passingers screamed and screamed as the plane plummeted. The overhead compartments were on fire. The stoned steward just stood there and hummed the Canadian national anthem. --anon
 Hot coffee in hand, Dwight prepares to take extreme measures against the smoker in 23B. --Tranquil Holiday
 Everybody...join in, Rocky Mountain High, Colorado... --R.J.M.
 "Yes, I'm an airline steward. But I always wanted to be....a lumberjack!" --Stealth
 "Aw, man, _Airplane 2_ again? That movie's a bomb!...NO! WAIT! CALM DOWN!" --Stealth
 Terrific... Both Willaim Shatner AND John Lithgow are on this plane! This is gonna be a looooong flight. --Doc Evil
 John Ratzenberger is your postal hero in Executive Decision II: the Claven Factor --porn monkey
 Keg's out....raise your hand if you think the captain should turn this sucker around so we can "re-beer". --Opie
 Sadly, Roger disregarded the fasten seatbelt sign on the concorde. It took the flight attendant two hours to clean up the back wall. --Mr. ?
 Okay everybody. Start leaning to the left. Now a little to the right. --Mr. ?
 "Hello. Welcome to "Butch White Male Airlines". More chamomile tea?" --RipperJak
 Ok, which asshole wanted his martini shaken and not stirred? --Dubble Oh Sebbin
 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hofert, the first couple to join the Mile-High Club through artificial insemination. --White Dopes On Punk
 "Bring on the sexy stews, baby. Yeah!" --M
 "Hello, this is your captian speaking: Thank you for boarding TWA Flight 800. We will be taking off in just a moment..." --Jamey Powell
 "Hmm... the plane is falling and there's no phone booth to change in. Guess Lois croaks this time." -- Crazy Climber
 Man, you know homelessness is a problem when they start begging on planes. --Riff
 As part of the preflight maintenance check, it is Reggie's job to take the pilot's sample out to the lab. --Ratman
 When the Stewardess' Local 103 struck, American Airlines was forced to use ground mechanics for in-flight beverage services. --Sean Q
 They didn't say nuttin' 'bout not chewin' on the plane! *spit* Oops, sorry ma'am. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "Earl Grey, Hot." said Jake, as the other passengers aboard the plane tried not to snicker at him. --AQUALUNG
 Coffee, tea or ME!!! --Waldo

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