IADL #329
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 "Hmm, duckies, clouds, piggies. *sigh* Still no pentagrams." --Heath
 Having killed that Goddamn floating, whistleing happy face with a Garden Weasel, Sharon cleans up after herself... --Doc Evil
 Mmmmmmmmm.......Woman..... --anon
 IADL tongue twisters! "Brainy babe buying brawny" --Magus
 Who pressed the Pay-per-view button? Now we have to sit through "Naughty School Girls 5: Naughty Grocery Store" --Mr. ?
 Am I the only one who senses imminient retribution for this in the form of a pic like #171? Repent NOW, before it's too late! --Pastor of Muppets
 As Chad turned down aisle 7 he nearly cried out in joy....after 11 years of wearing shoe-mirrors 24hr a day....PAYDIRT! --Opie
 What would anyone need paper towels and two tubs of Cool-Whip for? Oh, wait.... I have an idea.... shudder ...Where do you guys live again? --Pastor of Muppets (now typing with only one hand)
 Doc Evil's assistant purchases the bathing items. --anon
 Here we see a shot from Spinns new TROUSERCAM 2000. Interestingly the next shot he took was of the ceiling. --Waldo
 * Scha-Wiiinng! * This babe can squeeze MY 'Charmin' any day! --Doc Evil
 Tip to cyberporn marketers: letterbox your video of girls you've been secretly following in the supermarket, for that "theater" effect. --White Dopes On Punk
 Jen was not sure if she wanted "The Bra Stuffer's Bonanza," or "The Most Seamen Soaking per Square Foot" --Microman
 After choosing her preferred brand of paper towels, Monica heads to the condom aisle to buy a pack of "Mounty, the thicker pecker rubber." --Heath
 "'Scotty' here can 'Beam me up' anyday, hehe." Quote Submitted by A IADL Imposter, Badgum the Jolly Sprite, who was quickly apprehended and summarily executed for a deliberate attempt at the "red" list. --AQUALUNG
 Although the catholic schoolgirl is a common fetish, the "Shopping For Paper Towels" videotape was a surprising rare failure for the pornography industry. --Mr. Dan
 Roger was about to discover that Bounty was not always "...the quicker picker-upper." --Dr. KNob
 "...Bounty...Brawny...oh, here's a new one: Barely..." --Heath
 "Man, I'd hate to see the woman who needs these for her heavy-flow days." --Stealth
 "Ducks, kittens, or hearts? Where the hell are the ones with Leonardo DiCaprio on each sheet?" --Trainman
 Margaret Cho after using up all three jokes. --Nervous Tick
 "Excuse me, stockboy? Just speaking hypothetically...which of these is most absorbent when it comes to blood and brain matter?" --Desscribe
 Jill daydreams about that "Brawny" guy a little too long and lets her Dove Bars melt all to hell... --Tillman
 When choosing a tissue to pad your bra, remember that 'quilted' works best. --Wabewalker
 I don't care what this ad is for...I'll buy it! --Harry Feltersnatch

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