IADL #330
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 Nevermind the creature on the wing-- what the hell is that on that guys head! --Crack Baby
 In open defiance the cab driver's warning, he whistled "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by John Denver. --Namgubed the Whistling Doom
 Over in First Class, Cat Stevens was trying to romance Herbie the robotic airplane pilot! --Mr. Ben McClellan
 Unbeknownst to many, Mr. Rogers had an "experimental" show in the early 60's, entitled "Mr. Rogers' Phreaky Trip." --AQUALUNG
 "Ah, here it is: 'SWM 37, Groovy Hair, Funky Sweater, and just one hep cat!' DAMNIT! They misspelled 'hip' again! DAMN!" --AQUALUNG
 "Well, Mr. Bond, you may have the upper hand now...but once I make my escape in the coach section of this United Airlines 737, the tables will turn!" --Pete
 At first, the goatee attracted her, but when he methodically went through her purse for the entire flight, Edna began to regret flying Southwest. --phil
 Within minutes of the ending of the Cold War, the US Government sent Yakov Smirnoff back to Russia --Agent Elite
 Sometimes, on long trips, Harold amused himself by bringing a long a copy of Helter Skelter and a Highlighter, saying "That's good. That's good! THAT'S GOOD!!" --AQUALUNG
 In a parallel world, Leonard Nimoy's alternate works on his autobiography: I am Not Evil Spock. --Riff
 Richard quickly realized that flying Aeroflot was a mistake. Half the seats faced the wrong direction, and Olga the Stewardess was wider than the drink cart. --Agent Elite
 Baaba was pleasantly surprised to see Southwest Air included "Sissy Goat Boy" magazine in their list of periodicals. --Smokey
 Finding all of the airline seats filled, Doug grabbed a roll of Mentos, leaned his ironing board up against the front bulkhead, and stood facing the rest of the passengers for the full three hour flight. --Arcturus
 When Herb saw that the brunette sitting across from him was reading the same issue of Hustler that he was, he became both pleased and disappointed. ---Colon Bowel---
 Gagging on a fur ball, Fred prepares to Heimlich himself. --Riff
 Hmmm... That looks like George Jetson snap-on hair to me... --Doc Evil
 "Tray table go up, tray table go down. Tray table go up, tray table go down. Tray table go..." --Heath
 Oddly, Joe never noticed the life-sized Lego figurine sitting just one row away for the entire flight. --Tranquil Holiday
 Even with a fake moustache and goatee, the bad hairpiece always gave Marv Albert away. --Sean Q
 "Vladimir Volovostekevski attempts to flee Moscow after stealing the last circa-1970's sweater from the Museum of American Blunders." --AQUALUNG
 What happens if Passenger 57 and Mr. Bean collide. --RipperJakl

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