IADL #331
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 "But they never would have guessed what cruel twist had in store for them, in the form of a busted tail-light and a driver with twelve outstanding warrants." - If We Called Them Snuff Films, The FCC Wouldn't Let Us Air Them" (FOX, 8 pm) --Rotter
 "A wacky group of misfit prostitutes solving crimes! Hooker, P. I. this fall on UPN!" --Mycroft
 Wilford Brimley pays his debt to society by picking up dog poo. --RipperJak
 In this adaptation, Dorothy meets the Pusher, the Con Man, and the cowardly Transvestite. --Mr. ?
 "Picture this, it's the Fantastic Four and Black Panther done in L.A. I see Colin Powell as T'chakalla, Andre the Giant's sister as Ben Grimm, Molly Ringwald IS the Invisible Girl and a couple of dykes for Reed and Johnny. Need a say I smell Oscar?" --helen keller
 Judging from the looks of this picture it's safe to say that there is a Walmart somewhere that's short 5 or 6 cashiers. --Opie
 An analysis of the vanishing point indicated by the parallel lines in this photo reveals that the camera was aimed directly between that gal's tits. --not elsie
 You know, the Crips just aren't the same in Redmond.... --phil
 Oh Mama! That tall chick on the left is the one for me! Or my name's not Eddie Murphy! --Opie
 There was a record turn-out for last Tuesday's "Web-Masters Pride Parade". --Opie
 A hot babe and several ugly people at once. SpinnKarma crashes together in one popular picture. --Lots42
 The transporter beam picked up Captain Kirk, and tragically, Ensign Bob's left arm. --Lots42
 The city of Greenville, after suffering damage to the street electrical system, places groups of people at intersections to look in all directions for you. --Lots42
 Mailbox Spice, Turbo Spice, Meter Spice, Mutant Spice, Porto-Spice, Hippy Spice, Guido Spice, Chunky Spice, Brother Spice, and R2-DSpice. --Riff
 "Well, it said 'Press Button to Cross Street,' but I've pressed it half a dozen times and I'm still on this side!" --Desscribe
 On their way to the Annual Hookers of All Nations Convention, we see (Left to Right) Olga "from the Volga" Tudolovsky, Fifi "Feathers" LaRouge, Rosemary "Tokyo Rose" Makimura, Gertrude "Grapefruits" Von Grubenstein, and Kwami "Easy Access" N'Kruma. --Nervous Tick
 I hope the day will come that prostitutes from every walk of life will work the corners of this most fabulous country side by side, and in perfect harmony. ---Colon Bowel---
 "My time is up. However, I will always remember them, my...Losers in the Mist. --Jamey Powell
 Slide 464-B: Officer McKenson of the Fashion Police (2nd from right) during a particularly volatile sting operation in downtown Chicago. --Jamey Powell
 All the other gang members knew better than to make fun of Tiny's purse. --Shem
 America's strangest team of superheros. The Odd Squad! --ChAoS

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