IADL #332
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 Most people just wrinkle their noses when they smell a fart. Old Phil here would fall to the ground, eyes watering, shouting "My God! What the hell's that SMELL!?" --Crack Baby
 The impossible zone is for UNLOADING only. --Terminus
 Let's see - Waking up at noon on a New York sidewalk with two kids staring at the fresh tattoo on your forehead, your hands cuffed, and a phone number in your pocket. Brings back memories. --not for the faint of heart
 Drake's dead-on impression of a pinata eventually proved to be death of him... --Doc Evil
 And that's what you get for thinking The Family Circus is funny. --Mr. ?
 NO! Absolutely not! I will not let you cross the street and have an abortion! --KevinCA
 Stop kicking me! Stop it, I say! Look I've got Mentos -- leave me alone, I'm cool too! --Yakko
 Christ Vinnie! What are you doing? The Don told us to whack Tataglia! Not whack him off! --Opie
 The gleeful laughter of the children came to a sudden stop when the street mime began performing his salute to George Michael. --Opie
 So much for "quality time with the kids" Dad.....you would think that everyone knows you don't slide while playing stickball. --Opie
 Yeah, but is it art? --Wabewalker
 New York hospitality...A cardiac arrest, people stop and laugh. --Richard Head
 You've fallen and you can't WHAT...damn my Miracle Ear just crapped out again. --Waldo
 Y'know, I'd love ta help ya buddy, but I'm off duty, and it IS happy hour at Winchell's... --The Rogue
 "I was whistling, and the cab driver tossed me out!" --Namgubed the Whistling Doom
 At Ed's Travel Agency, we give you everything you need for your vacation experience. Here, you see a client bound for Miami practicing our Don't Shoot! I'm Already Dead! maneuver. --Agent Elite
 Rodney King vists the city... --Richard Head
 The slow kicking was agonizing; it took him hours to die. If he hadn't been Rip Taylor, maybe someone would've stopped them. --phil
 ERRRG! Nutsack... Tripping... Must... Stop... --Doc
 "Ah, shit, he's doin' the Curly Shuffle. You got any cheese?" --Pete
 "When Hanson's Attack!" Sunday on Fox! --Opie
 "No, Stupid, we have to get a room first. Jeezus, I hate hooking in Des Moines." --Dogmatic 2000

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