IADL #334
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 A confused Julie is visited by Mr. Burger and Mr. Transsexual Crack Pimp, two of the Ghosts of Employment Future, in this inspirational high-school guidance film 'Duh' is for Dropout! --Smokey
 Aw man, I'll never be a supermodel if I can't vomit without getting chunks in my hair. ---Colon Bowel---
 As he listened to his new girlfriend talk about hair care for hours, Kato Kailen decided this was the best date of his life. --fish in the sky
 Big Whopper is watching. --snackwhore
 Slowly but surely, Joan was building enough static electricity in her hair to turn her arch-rival to ash. --Mr. ?
 "So, I'm like, of course this has something to do with archaeology, Professor. I mean look, here is my color from this summer, and down a little lower is last semester, and here's last summer's highlights..." --Sean Q
 "I also enjoy tying fishing weights to my hair and pretending my head's the sun..." --T.H.
 McDitz. --Smokey
 Gesundheit. --Lost in Erehwon
 Susan apparently has to yank the pull-cord in the side of her head before speaking every sentence. --Kitsunesan
 So Candi was all, "Freud like mainly tested on insane patients, so his analyses were way biased and super lame." So I was all, "Whatever, Freud only reinvented modern neurology." ---Colon Bowel---
 No Jess, I said " All these roots keep my hair where it is. " What did you think I said? --Doc Evil
 I tell ya, that's the LAST time I ever visit that asylum where Hannibal Lector lives, that's for damn certain. Yick! --Doc Evil
 "Let me guess...two all beef patties? special sauce? Ohhhhhhh..." --Heath
 If I told him once, I told him a thousand times...aim for my breasts. --Dillon
 As Jamie picked ticks out of her hair, the Psychic Hamburger looked on, patiently waiting for the right moment... --Mr2001
 No I said I have GUM in my hair...Christ I pull one train at the Phi Delta house my freshman year and for the rest of my life I'm branded as a hose-beast! --Opie
 Oh, like, thanks for telling me I had THAT in my hair. My boyfriend would like kill me if he found out. --jizgirl
 "And when I yank on these, my head gets pulled to the left. Does that happen to you, too?" --Trainman

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