IADL #336
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 Dad? Hey wait up! Come on Dad. I was kidding...I'm not really gay. I was kidding...good joke huh? Hah-ha Hah-ha.....get it? ......Dad? --Opie
 Little Billy had a Dork, his shirt was shite as snow... --Mr. ?
 Ah, more people walking across the...DAVID HASELHOFF! KILL HIM! KILL HIM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! --RipperJak
 Here in an early Milli Vanilli album cover we see an obvious rip off of the Beatles Abby Road cover. Also when playing the single Blame it on the Rain the phrase "Lip sinc on deadman" can be heard throughout the third stanza. --JohnBoy
 There's gotta be a Death Race 2000 caption in here somewhere... I hope. --NME--
 Schlemiel, schlemozzel... damn, Laverne, you're looking mighty butch today! --Dingo Floyd
 Only one bullet left. Which one was the real Kaiser Soze? --Jfis
 o/` Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother trapped in a man's body, you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive . . . o/` ---Colon Bowel---
 Observe the Alpha Male's agressive "can-do" stride, while the nerd behind him does the "my legs atrophied from 18 hours of Quake II" gait. --Crack Baby
 The Cyberdyne T-85 "Cruise" model (shown here, left) is an excellent value at only $7500. Ideal for urban terrorism, it is capable of breaking hearts, fighting wars, and uncovering government conspiracies. For those on a tighter budget, the T-20 "Urkel" model (right) costs only $400, and once in a while annoys someone into comitting suicide. --Riff
 o/`Here we come... Walkin' down the street... Hey-hey we're Butt-Monkees! o/` --Doc Evil
 The more things change, the more things stay the same. Here, in metropolitan New Delhi, newlywed Steve must still walk three paces behind his husband Bob. --Riff
 Despite what you may have thought, it's actually the guy in front who's the Trekkie. --Shem
 The decision to replace Chow Yun Fat with Richard Dean Anderson was only the first of many blunders in the American remake of A Better Tomorrow. --T.H.
 In a moment of strange concordance, both Buck and the man right behind him find themselves thinking that Buck is, indeed, too sexy for his pants. --T.H.
 Bill Gates is so rich, he even buys off the Fashion Police! --Luna
 Mediocracy is our code word. Blandness, our native tongue. Blindly following outdated trends, our way of life. WE ARE THE MEN IN GRUNGE. --The Rogue
 Brad forever regretted signing up for the Adopt-a-Geek program. --Sean Q
 A streetwise cop...a pencilneck computer scientist...and a city full of crime! Catch all-new episodes of "Starsky & Schenckenblatz" this fall on the WB! --Smokey

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