IADL #337
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 After the immigration problem was finally solved, the INS concentrated their attention on deporting stupid white trash next. Surprisingly, Rush Limbaugh's ratings plummetted soon after. --KevinCA
 Hannibal Lector, looking to trim the fat in his diet, spares the people that are too lazy to walk more than thirty feet from the mall to get to their cars. ---Colon Bowel---
 Donald waved to his wife as they hauled her off, knowing that she would at least be bathed before they handed her over to Doc Evil --not for the faint of heart
 Spinn waves bye to the lastest trainees to graduate from editor school. --Yakko
 And now, Dominoes announces it's new "Ho to Go" Delivery service! --Trashman
 When John Smith and his followers finally reached Utah, it wasn't the paradise that they had expected, but no one dared question his sanity so long as multiple partners were still permitted. --KevinCA
 But mommy look! It is a blond wearing yellow behind us! Give me the rifle! --FJ!!
 To everyone's surprise, Pigscratch, SD has become a roaring tourist success as the "Pavement Capital of the World." --phil
 Here in lovely Television City, we see on this tram on their way to "The Steve Harvey Show," the prop dummies the WB fills the audience with. --spenderbender
 ...and stay in Mexico this time. --Quinby Eli
 As he disappeared in the distance, blurred by her tears, she remembered his parting words: "If that tram leaves the parking lot and you're not on it, you'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life." --Wabewalker
 The Psychic Truckload Of Old Farts waited for its opportunity... No, no. I can't do it! --Crack Baby
 Phil watched the truck as it stayed at the stop sign, waiting for the Go sign that would never come. --Crack Baby
 o/~ I'm on the haaaaay-ride to hell! Yeah, I'm on the haaaaay-ride to hell! o/~ --Smokey
 Gallant waits patiently while the people who where here before him boards the bus. Goofus clips the tank top straps of the girl in front of him in order to create a distraction. --Lots42
 Whoa... everything's turning pastel... I gotta stop dipping my cigarettes in glue. --Buoy
 Overcome with joy, Bob forgets to film his family being carted off to the work camps. --T.H.
 " And on the final stop on our Soylent Industries tour... " --Doc Evil

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