IADL #338
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 Hire the handicapped... they're fun to watch. --snackwhore
 Snoop doggy Dog's more laid back brother, Rin Tinny Tin. --Mr. ?
 Slightly mentally impaired, LeRoy attempts to fence some stolen colostomy bags. --Ratman
 Gallant reads poetry to the sight-disabled in the park. Goofus tiptoes by, plants a silent air biscuit and giggles madly while they try and figure what's up. --Lots42
 It's Trojan Man's seldom seen arch-nemesis, Spermicidal Sponge Dude. --Sean Q
 After three straight hours with no luck, Larvelle reconsiders selling Amway picnic goods to pay his way through Howard University. --spenderbender
 Look at that walk. This is obviously a white guy with a very good tan. --Yakko
 BarbecueMan had merely been awaiting the return of his sidekick, SporkBoy, to begin the days festivities. --DoomTrout
 Harold thought to himself, "My! That delivery man is strikingly virile-looking. I shall attempt to impress him with my masculine, firmly-planted stance." --Stealth
 Forget that wimpy Syrofoam, make way for Tyrone-foam! --Doc Evil
 "Awright! Which asshole ordered me an extra large 'Manrammer' dildo and a 2 HP Black&Decker belt sander C.O.D.? I'm gonna find out, so fess up now!" --Wabewalker
 The hospital was so crowded that volunteers were sent to give the pregnancy tests to women waiting outside. Frat parties at the local college were always stressful the next day. ---Colon Bowel---
 Over the years, the Grateful Dead concerts in the park slowly replaced the acid vendors with Metamucil vendors. --Crack Baby
 Two all beef Homeys, special sause, lettuce, cheese.... --Mr. ?
 They say these styrofoam cups are bad for the envirorment so i'm just going to throw them all away! --Waldo
 I was shootin some B-Ball, dooby dooby doo, when a couple of guys who were up to no good, started having picnics in my neighborhood. --Baron von Blackheart
 Although it wasn't well received at first, San Francisco's Heterosexual-Pride Parade gained support each year. ---Colon Bowel---
 Once again, the Black Panthers have managed to ditch Sinbad by sending him out for mayo and Wonder Bread. --Riff
 Those picnickers lack styrofoam cups! This is a job for ... SuperHomey! --Namgubed the Merry Elf

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