IADL #339
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 That little psychic bastard from "The Twilight Zone" lost all his powers after puberty hit, and it's a very good thing! --DieLifeDie
 Sweep, THEN scoop; Sweep, THEN scoop... --Kitsunesan
 The Microsoft campus cleaning crew has a hell of a time with all the bugs. --DieLifeDie
 Don Cleanxote tilts at dumpsters. --Stealth
 It's a nearly thankless job, which is why the highest paid employee at Spinn Enterprises is the Difficult Zone cleaner.... --phil
 The vision of Bill Gates we'd all like to see. --Col. Klink
 I spend four years at Harvard for what? --Mr. ?
 Guiliani's plan to replace the blind's canes with brooms was in questionable taste, but everyone had to admit the city was a lot cleaner. --Jimmy Awesome
 With so many things being placed in the Difficult Zone, Spinn had to hire a larger cleaning crew. --Wabewalker
 They were all right, a broom is not the best thing to clean up poop with. ---Colon Bowel---
 Just another of the hundreds of dedicated Rosie O'Donnell assistants. --anon (and on)
 Looks like the poop keeps this guy where he is. --Riff
 Sweeper Man wins... FATALITY! --Mr. ?
 Newlywed Robert took his new role as 'hunter-gatherer' a little too literally. --DoomTrout
 Ed, as it turned out, was woefully underarmed for the elephant parade. --Waldo
 Bob swept innocently, unaware that the psychic dumpster was slowly... aww, who am I kidding? --Observer
 Carl never seemed to catch on when someone replaced his seeing-eye dog and white cane with something else... --Kitsunesan
 I'm going to have to change my resume to say I majored in something besides sociology. --lefty
 Adman Dennis Fishbender now has time to reflect on his last brainstorm- The Hanson Concert Tour sponsored by Virginia Slims --lefty

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