IADL #340
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 Here we see the instinctive edge of the animal mind: After a few seconds of pastel balloons and dogs in drag, Rusty knows he has to leave right now. --T.H.
 Thourougly brainwashed by late night television hosts, Will's only thought about the pretty blue balloon was, "I wonder if Viagra keeps it up?" --Wabewalker
 Hi. My name's Rex. Next fucker that asks me "what keeps the balloon wher it is" gets his balls bitten off. Capische?? --The Rogue
 99 thought baloons, floating in a sea of goons; yellow asteriks all to see; some dog in drag about to pee.. --Terminus
 Number 432 is wearing the Tommy Hilfiger ensemble, available in a variety of colors and sizes. And his bitch gay dog likes balloons. --Chad Frau
 "..Thought ballons, gay dogs and bitches, oh my!..." --The Wizard of Odd
 Wait a second, this isn't Mrs. Parton's theme park, this is DaliWood! --Mr. ?
 Shit weird enought to give Fellini night sweats? You're soaking in it! --DieLifeDie
 Shub-Niggurath in a pink tutu disturbing? Wait till you see Cthulhu, he's doing an ad for Armour Canned Octopus. --The Mystery Roach
 Budget cuts have taken their toll on the Cirque du Soleil. --Sean Q
 Pictured: A scene outside the parking lot at the tryouts of an all-canine production of "La Cage Aux Folles." --Smokey
 Rex supressed a giggle. Just wait until the boys down at the hydrant hear about Rusty's little "secret" --The 13th Angel
 Harold from IADL #338 got lost and was never heard from again. And thus, the first annual "It's A Dysfunctional Carnival" had to make do without styrofoam cups. --Smokey
 Woaa! Spinn has discovered Seurat's long missing sister painting to 'La Grande Jatte", "Saturday afternoon at the Encino Flea market" --Dick Gozinya
 Princess and Duke passed like two ships in the night, never to know how perfect a love they would have had. Y'know, what with Duke's taffeta fetish and all.... --Raven
 While Tippy's "Ballarina Princess" won her owner second place in the Canine Costume Competition, Scruffy's "Balloon String Up The Ass" entry won his owner a visit from the ASPCA goon squad... --The Rogue
 Fuck Kibbles n' Bits. I wanna BEER! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 DZ or no DZ, that psychic balloon is scaring the shit out of me! --Riff
 "Sure, Spinn, I'll take care of the site while you're gone. " - David Lynch --Ghotiman

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