IADL #341
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 Dogs in tutus? Young Wiccan's sacrificing cats? Albino Clydesdales? Steve knew he had made a wrong turn. --Yakko
 Wil was disapointed they hadn't finished the Quake level yet. --HasNoname
 Alright, got to concentrate, where would the nearest bathroom be? Maybe it's in the building on the left, or . . . oh crap. Well then, where would the nearest Laundromat be? ---Colon Bowel---
 This guy is looking for: [a]The time, [b]The location of the latest StarTrak convention, or [c]The comet mothership to the planet Rupid --Mr. ?
 "If this doesn't get me into the Oasis tribute band, I don't know what will." --tv's Spatch
 Bobcat Goldwaith as the tenth Doctor, ladies and gentlemen. --tv's Spatch
 Gareth feels his chin and in a moment of dreadful clarity, realises that the chin strap for his propeller hat must have come off during that scuffle with the cops. --Stickboy
 Let's see, cool glasses - check. Leather jacket - check. Bitchin' pins - check. Mentos - dooohhh! --Yakko
 Ned,startled by the ringing of his pants-phone, waits an unwholesome amount of time before answering his call... --andreaK
 * Retardis * --Doc Evil
 "See me...see me now." (Didn't anyone watch Coppola's Dracula?) --Florimel
 It's ten after five. Do you know where your retard is? --The Lawyer
 Crap, the thought that this guy might not be wearing pants is going to give me nightmares. --Yakko
 "Hmmm...I wonder if Scooby Doo has a sister named Whoopie Doo?" Skippy, Crown Prince of Narnia ponders in a moment of quiet reflection. --Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier
 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this man is wearing a wedding ring. Proof that there are American women with pitifully low standards. --Col. Klink
 "...must think of Lovecraft mythos caption for that dog and balloon photo..." --CrazyJose
 "Tell me 'bout the Goth chicks George, tell me 'bout the Goth chicks." --DieLifeDie
 AAARRRGH!!!! Will NOTHING get that stupid theme song out of my head? DAMN YOU, BARNEY! --Pastor of Muppets (I love you, you love me, let's hang the freak from a tree)
 Some animals say "Keep Away" with the color red, a rattle, or a foul smell. This guy's got all of those things going for him and more. --Mr. ?
 This is what you get when you combine The Crow with Neal of "The Young Ones". --RipperJak
 It looks like the gene pool needs some chlorine. --Magus
 Like many other bored college students trapped inside your monitor, Bob rubs his chin and stares at you for hours, trying to think up a perverted, yet witty caption. --agm
 A symbolical representation of the attempt to figure out why Hollywood makes things like 'The Postman'. --Lots42
 Late for his Star Trek marathon, Kenneth wondered if he still had time to play Vampire:the Masquerade with his friends. --Obi Wan
 This photo is all the proof you should need on why it should be harder to obtain a gun in America... --Tillman
 If I look pensive maybe that chick won't notice my zit. --The 13th Angel
 Bill looked around nervously, afraid one of his friends might see him entering the Hanson concert. --not for the faint of heart
 "Hmm," thought Ripper. "Only nine more 'Goth Scout' badges to go, and I can start my own clan. Coool!" --Smokey
 Our only hope is that his glasses will make it difficult to see an oncoming truck. --Wabewalker

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