IADL #342
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 Proudly flaunting his new Technology Rules tatoo, Jethro accidentally wanders into the wrong part of Amish country. ---Colon Bowel---
 "Now, honey, I know you love your little goat, but Daddy is jonesing bad, and these nice Amish gentlemen will give me a gram of quality blow for it." --The Mystery Roach
 Amish, Kaczynski, & Luddites, Oh My!!! --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Isn't it funny how the product of incest usually turns out to be the black sheep of the family? --NME--
 This nightmare has been brought to you by Microsoft. --snackwhore
 Tis only the simple life for Thee here at www.amish.com. --Mr. ?
 You see,Ned? I told you that hosting the Pedophile's Bruncheon and the Amish Convention on the same day was a stupid idea! --andrea hinkle
 "NOT ME" makes a rare guest appearance on IADL, photographed here kidnapping a sheep for reasons unknown. --Sean Q
 "Yo quiero Taco Bell," huh? You'll get to quiero a chipper-shredder in a minute. --Werehamster
 Anyone else hear " Dueling Banjos? " --Doc Evil
 Some people took " Bring the kids along " a little TOO literally... --Doc Evil
 This has got to be the worst performance of "The Lottery" I've ever seen! They're supposed to be throwing rocks not cats for fuck's sake! --Opie
 Debbie learned that a cat WON'T explode in a microwave if you poke holes in it with a fork before turning it on. --Cool Cat
 Dateline: Branson, Missouri Big Ed and Little Edna of E&E Taxidermy present Andy Williams with his very own stuffed "Gen-u-ine Arkansas Road Kill". --Col. Kling
 No hat, no beer belly, NO SERVICE!!! --KevinCA
 Giving kids a toy cat to learn on is a good idea. Of course, particularly slow children such as Lilly (shown above) are the exception: observe as her attempts to undo ``the zipper'' turns the normally placid Twiddles into a very pissed-off feline face-shredding machine. --Rusty Russell
 Dwarves get their own back in the annual ``cat tossing'' contest... --Rusty Russell
 He had sacrificed a chicken to Xantar to get the blind, blonde, three foot wife with the flat head you could set your beer on. Now he had to sacrifice the cat to get rid of her. --Luther Yonderboy
 NEW! From Chaosium, Inc.! Great Old One Beanie Babies! (Shown: Shub-Niggurath, also available: Cthulhu and Yog Sothoth.) --The Mystery Roach (Hey, whatever works.)
 "Yep, she killed it herself, my little sure-shot! Now, where's the carcass-dressing booth?" --Stealth
 It was "Chuck Shit in the Turbine Engine Day" at the Muncie airport again, and this year, Billy hadn't forgotten the kitten! --Shifter

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