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 Ironically, the horses' family trees branch more than the rednecks' do. ---Colon Bowel---
 Cue "JFK" music Here we have frame 343. A simple day in the park? I think not. Let's examine the facts, people. Fact: The blue balloon to the lower left is the same balloon spotted in frame 340 hovering above the image of Shub-Niggurath in a tutu. Shub-Niggurath is also known by the alias "Black Goat with a Thousand Young." The signifance of this shall soon become clear. Fact: Said blue balloon appears to be avoiding the gaze of the two so-called "Clydesdales." Have you ever seen a white Clydesdale? Let alone two? I didn't think so. These horses are obvious fakes. Why? Why indeed! Fact: The man in the blue shirt and cap is the same man seen in frame 342 escorting a mysterious, short individual wearing what appears to be a white dress or adult-sized shirt. The identity of this individual remains inconclusive, having been alternately identified as "Lilly," "Billy," "Edna," and, most tellingly, "Not Me." A different "child," this one at least of conslusive gender, can be seen in frame 340 in the same white shirt. Fact: Both of those so-called "children" are "mysteriously" absent from frame 343, replaced by two faked horses and a diminuative man in a hunting vest. Notice how this new player is careful to keep his face out of view of the camera. Fact: And here, people, is where we step through the looking glass. The mysterious figure in white from frame 342 is holding... that's right, a young black goat. I'll let you ponder that one for a while. And while you're thinking, I want you to think about a few questions "they" would rather you ignore: Why is Shub-Niggurath here? What is the significance of the strange blue balloon that heralds her presence? Who is the mysterious "child in white," and How did he/she come to possess one of Shub-Niggurath's young? Answer these questions; solve the puzzle of the "Hunter In Yellow," and decipher the connection between the two suddenly-missing children in long white shirts and the two suddenly-appeared fake white Clydesdales, and I think you'll see that the truth here--the real truth--is quite chilling. I rest my case. --Shifter
 In Klantown, only white horses were allowed to enter. --KevinCA
 Snowflake didn't relish his time with Strutter; he always smelled like ointment, and he had a squeaky nail in one of his shoes. ---Colon Bowel---
 Chucked weeped to see the beautiful horses tied so; he and his wife had just signed a twenty year house payment plan and he symbolically sympathized with their fate. --KevinCA
 Hey the jig is up, fucking Witness Protection Agency -- whoever heard of white Clydesdales? --Yakko
 "Psst! Clover! Yuppie at 11 o' clock! Bag of corn says you can't put a hoof imprint in the middle of his Tommy Hilfinger sweater!" --Tillman
 Anytime they saw horses, Bob and Chuck would spontaneously begin square dancing. Pavlov would have been proud. --Wabewalker
 Luckily, the horses' blinders prevented them from being traumatized by the two redneck dandies to the right and the parade could go on. --Nervous Tick
 Ya know something Scout? Pulling this beer cart is bad enough WITHOUT Ed McMahon's fat ass hitching a ride. --Opie
 Having already done the past and the future, Kevin Costner decided to make his new "someone who cares" film based in the present. It did just as bad in the box offices, but at least it was funnier. --KevinCA
 For the most part, the horses hated their existance, but they did relish their one freedom that the humans didn't have: they could shit in public and not be arrested for it. --KevinCA
 Bathe them and bring them to me... Oh wait! I uh, didn't say that... --Doc Evil
 The Psychic Manure waited inside the horse. It's time would come, it's time would come... --Doc Evil
 I guess SOMEBOBY'S gotta say it... Hey! This must be what that guy in #339 must've been following... *sigh* --Doc Evil
 Muggs Flexbottom stared in unabashed lust. What with his paraphilic urges towards both animals and bondage, he was damn happy he was wearing his "easy access" Levis. --zen
 Check out those two horse's asses! Oh and look...Clydesdales! --Opie
 A groan of disappointment rose from a hundred throats as people realized that the Clydesdales were not, after all, pulling a beer wagon. --Shem
 Downtown Lancaster is terrorized by a drunk carraige driver, tonight on Amish Cops! --agm
 Oh, how heartwarming. Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold are getting remarried. --Not Quite Fred

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