IADL #344
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 Ya know, mused Eddie, a beer really is better than a woman. --snackwhore, leeching off the yellow zone, again.
 Bill and Doris fight to maintain their composure as Margie administers a vicious double wedgie. --jfis
 alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.exhibitionism.public.double-fisting --jfis
 No one ever asked why they refused to install a light bulb in their bedroom. --KevinCA
 Charles was bummed to find that his new girlfriend's asshole was actually looser than her cunt. Must have been all those monster meal turds, he guessed. --KevinCA
 Thankfully, trees weren't food, or there'd be no shade to sit in. --KevinCA
 When Lois Lane became a lardass, Clark Kent was tempted to fly the fuck away, but his word was his bond. Goddamn it. --KevinCA
 Gallant hand-feeds peanuts to the squirrells and chipmunks in the park. Goofus duct tapes dead rats to trees all over the city and feeds Mad Dog to the pigeons. --Attrib lost. Fuck you.
 Even though the war was over, Pete still insisted that all 'operations' be conducted in 'triad formation' --jfis
 Only Linda heard something that sounded distinctly similar to Ross Perot's "Giant Sucking Sound" --Crack Baby
 Life has been harsh to the cast of Sliders since they moved to cable. --Wabewalker
 The epitome of "horny": Being able to "sucessfully" play pocket-pool while strolling through the park with your mom and favorite aunt. --Opie
 Ed and Moonflower, the last two hippies in existance, panic when they can't find the "bummer tent". --Mr. Ben McClellan
 The trio emerged from The Tent of Stupid Zone Captions, shaken and horrified, with words such as 'weenis,''gaye,''wher,' & 'poop' forever etched on their minds. --agm
 Ahhh... these Renfaires are for pussies. Let's go crash the Star Trek convention downtown. --The Rogue
 R2D2, a registered pedophile, attempts to restrain himself as temptation rears its ugly head. --lefty
 They say that there is safety in numbers.However,when Dork Season is open,such is not the case. --andrea hinkle
 The sad life of a male prostitute past his prime: Picked up for $20 by two gals from the Cookware convention for a little lunchtime restroom action. --T.H.

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