IADL #346
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 He couldn't find a less conspicuous place to change his colostomy bag? --snackwhore
 With the nutsak revival in full swing, IADLers needed to find slicker ways to get one past Spinn. Here we see a new regular attempting to "mime" his frenzy. --Ghotiman
 All I'm saying is that I know I saw this guy at GenCon and he had *twice* as many babes around him. --Emanon
 Jim Bakker eventually finds himself reduced to talking to a sock-puppet named Jesus at small town Iowa flea markets --mutantdog
 *phew* It's good to be away from the crowd, eh Timmy? Timmy...? --andreaK hinkle
 backpack, check...plastique, check...timer, check...diagram of the DiCaprio estate, check... --Opie
 Before the interview, Rupert pins on his good-luck charm-- the preserved pelt of his pet cat Choo-choo. --Horselover Fat
 Chester won the bet by eating a dozen bran muffins in under five minutes, but a paltry ten bucks didn't replace the pants he lost that day. ---Colon Bowel---
 Recent IADL photos indicate a serious lack of dysfuctionality in the northern states. Clearly a trip to California is in order. --lefty
 *Sniff?* This crap can't possibly have come out of a Clydesdale! *sniff* It smells more like it came outta a WHITE horse! --Doc Evil
 Ralph tries in vain to breast feed a smurf. --NATE
 Once dubbed the Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley is reduced to Highland Dancing for food. --NATE
 An unforseen nuisance of the first annual Olestra Convention. --NATE
 Mark realized he wasn't going to be showing off his well practiced Klingon salute to anyone soon. "Note to self" he mumbled. "Put fork down first." Then he fainted. --Lots42
 Realizing he had forgotten an important part of the KKK rally, Mark rips off his underwear and puts it on his head. --Lots42
 After being placed in 'time out' by the security guard, Delbert vowed to be more stealthful the next time he pulled his fake vomit prank. --lefty
 With the crowd distracted by the Canine Gay Pride parade, Gene decides to sneak away and "honk out a dirt snake". --Sean Q
 After 14 hours with his girlfriend at Lillith Fair, Bobby finally found a secluded place to do some squat grunts and butt scratches. Soon, his testosterone level was back to normal. --Smokey
 This man's position conjures images of bowel movements and satyrs. How can there not be a Stupid Zone for this pic? --Lyzza
 To Gunther's great dismay, his faux-superfluous third nipple had fallen off again. --fauxpas
 Okay, lessee here, now. Stop five feet in front of the power droid, squat like Cornelius, and yell "Frak" at the top of your lungs... This Universal studios tour has gotten seriously lame... --The Rogue
 After Bob finished "feeding" his Tomagotchi, he realized the hot babe with whom he had been chatting had mysteriously vanished. --Wabewalker
 Dexter prepares for another day of Ren-Fair dumpster diving... --NATE

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