IADL #347
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 Troop 351's idea of "roughing it" came down to wondering how to pitch their tents on concrete. -- Crazy Climber
 Tom's last thought: "Hey, waitaminnit, that's Cyclops! Cool! Maybe Wolverine's around! -- Crazy Climber
 C3PO had a good laugh at R2's expense by telling him the party was black tie only. --jfis
 Behind the scenes of the new Star Wars prequel, we can see R2-D2 scuttling over to the Endor set to score some quality blow off the stuntmen. --Riff
 Much like the three toed sloth, the north american teamster can spend all day without moving a muscle. --Mr. ?
 Oh, sure, they tried to be cool. But each of them knew in their hearts that they were so lame, not even the IADL could make clever comments about them. --Pete
 Backstreet Boys new album: One hit wonders...Can you spare a quarter?? f --The Dank
 Sam sighed deeply as he looked off in the distance. He wanted to trip his nutsack in a frenzy of dik play...but what was the point? --Pete
  An ugly Tardis unit, an even uglyer Dalek.. and some Gen X actor who never even seen Doctor Who.. - I HATE THESE AMERICANIZED BRITISH SHOWS! --Terminus
 After visiting with his mother, Tom checked to see if that REALLY was a roll of quarters in his pocket. --jizgirl
 Yeah, I played that alien in the Cantina who got his arm cut off by Obi-Wan Kenobi. How'd ya guess? --Doc Evil
 "Stayyyy calm. Cool guys can smell nerdiness. Just back away and don't make eye contact..." --Magus
 Although it was nothing like the Lilith Fair, there was no stage diving at the Frank Stallone concert either. ---Colon Bowel---
 "C-4, fuse, detonator,... I'll teach those assholes at Gamblers Anonymous to call me their little 'one-armed bandit'". --high roller
 Exerpted from Slackers of the Serengeti: Observe the behavior of the Alpha male, who watches suspiciously while the rest of the pack chills out. If he senses danger, he will shout a warning cry of "Dudes! Five-oh!" --Snackwhore - mascot of the Caption Salvage Crew
 The Old IADL Home takes it's residents out for some fresh air. Mark sadly looks off in the distance, fondly remembering the dork with the paper cups. --Lots42
 During their spare time, the Secret Service is always on the lookout for signs of the immense right-wing conspiracy that has caused Clinton so much affliction. ---Colon Bowel---
 The psychic wastebasket in the background wasn't waiting patiently, but was actually quite dispondent: "It's National Garbage Can Coming Out Day! I'm wearing lavender! Why isn't anyone noticing me?" --FJ!!
 The search party looking for the small child in # 344 was about to give up, when a satisfied belch gave the psychic trash can away. --lefty
 Dan waited, surveying the competition. His dream job waited, just inside the tent. He was destined to become one of Doc Evil's 'babe washers.' --not for the faint of heart
 "Man, that stupid caption had more to it than I thought. All my poop really IS holding me wher I am!" --Magus
 Sign a petition to keep loiterers who hand out petitions out of Legacy Park? And yes, I'm aware of the irony. --Smokey
 Perhaps it was foolish for Prof. Johnson to have class outside..especially on autopsy day. --andreaK
 Oh my God! They killed C3PO! --andreaK
 "Real World Homeless -- Next season on MTV!" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Outside Spinnwebe HQ where Doc Evil, Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon, RipperJack, Namgubed the Merry Elf, The Skyclad Answer and Jen Dolari wait patiently outside the porta-potty to give the "poop wer it is" guy one helluva beatdown. --Ghotiman the name dropper.

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