IADL #349
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 Not the Mama! Not the Mama! Not the Mama... --Doc Evil
 Plastic Trash Can Throwing Man and Telekinetic Balding White balloon Boy stalk the street in search of evil --RipperJak
 Ahhh... FINALLY! Dad gives me a balloon I don't have to swallow! --Doc Evil
 Twelve years later, young Ted Jr. was found beating his father's balloon strangled corpse with a cardboard box screaming "no more Ren-Faires". --lefty
 That couldn't possibly be Michael Jackson...the papoose would be much lower. --Opie (forgive me)
 After a steady week of Id-freeing jello shots and kick-ass reefer, Bil and PJ find themselves stranded near the Annual Mohair Festival with only a Pez dispenser and a Glad trashcan between them. --Tempus Fugit, King of the Druids
 That child is held wher it is by papoose. --Smokey
 He roamed the land after the upheaval, using his office to reunite a fractured America. Kevin Costner is...The Nanny. --Pete
 "Hsssss! Hsssss! Now, my sluggish minion, take me to the strained carrot warehouse, that my power might grow...and grow...and grow!! Hehehehehehehe!" Ted loved his baby, even though it was a megalomaniacal starchild. --Pete
 What Edward didn't know was that the balloon little Frederick was clutching read "I'm with Stupid." --Stealth
 In the aftermath of the cancellation of 'Ally McBeel', after the actors and crew were sent home, after the sets were broken up...something still had to be done with Baby ChaCha...that's where Ernie came in. --Mike Hunt
 How the fuck are we supposed to know where this shot was taken? PJ's not holding his damn pennant! --Riff
 Gallant brings his van to the High School Band Car Wash and donates greatly. Goofus brings his kids for a thorough hose-down and tips with canned peaches. --Smokey
 After arriving at Ren Faire, Eric was disappointed to learn that John Kricfalusi wouldn't be there to sign his tee shirt. --Sean Q
 GoJo the Circus Midget woke from his drug induced stupor. This wasn't good. --Lots42
 The lastest sport fad: Toddler Golf. --andreaK hinkle
 The psychic balloon and the psychic baby battle for dominance while Ted "pitches a tent." --andreaK h
 This is another example of a symbiotic relationship. The baby saps valuable nutrients from Ted, while he uses the baby to attract chicks. The chicks will, in turn, use Ted untill he's broke, and then move on. --andreaK hinkle
 Ted wakes up from his week-long stupor only to find himself at a dog show, carrying a baby and a kiloton of explosives. --andreaK h
 Ted was glad he came early. Otherwise he might not have staked out good seats for the Alf-Travaganza Parade. --andreaKh
 Ever since that tragic day in Thunderdome, MasterBlaster was forced to rely on some guy named Russ from Fresno to get around --Opie
 Charles vowed to his children that he would singlehandedly clean up this town. --Crack "what a lame ass pun" Baby

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