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 This wasn't going to be as easy as that last wedding, where we just had to catch the garter... --jfis
 Randy, creator of "1001 Computer Solitare Games" and "Chess Tetris" stirs his drink and thinks, "Lara who?" --the skyclad answer
 This is the breast picture ever! We'd have to be boobs not to like this one! Why, some of these captions are making me hooter with laughter! Ha ha ha! --Thomas Wilde (fuck it, I'm goin' obvious)
 The difference between Xena and TOMB RAIDER's Lara Croft: One's a crudely rendered, piss-poor attempt to stimulate the libidos and engage the imaginations of millions of zit-faced generation-zero males with constant mindless violence and nonexistent dialogue. The other is a cartoon. You make the call! --Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier
 Susan Ivonova, fallen on hard times, attempts to pick up a little geek-change by moonlighting as a stripper at Sci-Fi conventions --Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier
 Only seconds after Wally offered to "freshen her Snapple," Lara is inclined to force-feed him his pocket protector. --Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier
 ....and as the standoff reached day 3, Lara Croft held the caption updating team at gunpoint. It was a great time.. It's a Dysfunctional Job but somebody has to do it - Memories of the IADL - Spinnwebe --Terminus
 Quiz time, gang! Q: How many dummies are in this scene? --Doc Evil
 WHOA! Open the pod bay doors, Hal! --Doc Evil
 I don't care if it's a mannequin, bathe it anyway! WOO-HOOOOO!!! --Doc Evil
 I can tell you one thing. Carrying around two Colt .45s puts a stop to sexual harassment in the workplace. --RipperJak
 "The Pussy Galore Porno Palace is proud to present --- Lara Crotch, starring in her newest film, Womb Raider III: The Mounting Of The Obelisk!" --Stealth
 "That reminds me -- I left my PlayStation on at home. Christ!" --Stealth
 Many hookers around Waco, Texas now offer the "ATF Special": Ass, Tits, and Firearms. --Anonymous Prime
 "You call this archeology?" --Anonymous Prime
 These men are held wher they are by silicone. --Lots42
 Chris checks his pocket... DAMN! Forgot the condom again -- another definite score down the drain! --Pastor of Muppets
 Gallant goes to Lara Croft's book signing and discusses the woman's role in modern society. Goofus plans on soaking Ms. Croft with a hose so he can see through her shirt, but is discouraged to find that someone has beaten him to it. --aK hinkle
 Gallant suddenly realizes what he's been missing all these years... --aK hinkle
 The Baptists bring out the Big Guns in their fight against homosexuality. --aK hinkle
 Fumbling with his drink, Louis realizes that he doesn't "think like other boys." --NATE
 Tonight on Difficult Zone Theatre: Tomb Raider III: The Quickening. --Doc Evil
 Hrmm... should I caption this pic now, or just download it for later? --Shifter
 Yeah, when I go exploring through a dank, treacherous, insect-infested ruin, that's how I dress, too. --ewhac
 Hey, that reminds me, I haven't checked the Nipple Server today. --El Pollo Loco
 A: Anything she wants! --NME (doesn't matter what the question is)--
 George and the others took it all in as quick as they could. They knew they next picture was going to be a fat man on a horse next to a urinal. --Lots42
 No one wanted to be the first to accuse her of shoplifting from the produce section... --Trainman
 This saucy wench shal be allowed to service Big Daddy Doc Evil. You know the routine, gang... --Doc Evil
 "The next guy who says 'Hey, nice pair of 44s' gets one right in his 9mm!" --Desscribe
 Nah. I just read IADL for the articles. --Crack Baby
 Now taking bets on which guy has to slink off and clean his pants first. --T.H.
 Hmmm.... I wonder if they're real.... Her GUNS, guys.... Wait, that didn't come out right.... The things that SHOOT.... Aw, crap. --Pastor of Muppets
 Dammit, that tie's so loud, I can't see anything else in the picture. --Ken
 Everybody knew that Silicone Valley was a dangerous place, but this was proof positive. --R.J.M.
 Any woman who can make Sting stop talking about himself and turn his head is impressive indeed! --Sean Q
 "Actually, finding a model to look lifeless and animated wasn't as hard as we thought!" --Mitch
 The T-3000 model Terminator was an improvement over its predecessors in a variety of ways... --Geoduck
 The groper's ventilated body splatted against the floor. As always, there was a brief, awkward, silence. --Geoduck
 Scheduling the 'Video Game Creator Union' and the 'Feminists For Equality' annual gatherings in neighboroing ballrooms was not a good thing. --Lots42
 The world's first non-homo-erotic gunshow. --Microman
 The computer conventioners knew that this was a fake Lara. Her breasts were just way too small. --Spank
 Larry was annoyed. Ahmad was distracted. Percy wondered how she could possibly wear lime green with Khaki. --Mr. Kontoontwon
 My favorite part of IADL is when a picture comes along and you just don't have to say anything about it. Not a word. --tv's Spatch
 "You come here often??" --Mutantdog, aka Mr. Smooth
 Hey, Doc, let's see you try and bathe this one... --Sean Q
 "Geez...that reminds me...it's bowling night tonight" --mutantdog
 Face it kids, if Laura Kroft actually existed she'd rip your head off and stick it in your ass if you asked her for a date. --anon
 Unfortunately, the police soon found that no one could describe the assassin's face. --Shem
 Wil Wheaton, furious at being upstaged, tried to made Lara Croft's head explode. --Pete
 In an unexpected move to shore up their dwindling public support, the NRA bought out Hooters. --Shem
 I always liked sex and I always liked violence, but I never thought they could be combined in such a way until now. --ChAoS
 These men all know the secret code that removes Lara's clothing, but since none of them thought to bring their PSX controllers, they couldn't key it in. --snackwhore
 On behalf of guys everywhere who have never seen a live grown woman naked - Thank You Spinn! --Ghotiman
 Amish people with goats, iMacs, and video game chicks. Where the hell is this place? --Mr. ?
 After 120 consecutive hours of playing Tomb Raider, Thel Keane goes on a rampage through the local strip mall. --Mr. ?
 How nature says Do not touch... --Doc Evil
 Well, how did you expect Spinn to celebrate reaching the #350 mark? --Desscribe
 -Space Bar- -Space Bar-... 'Hey, what the hell? Nothing's happening! This game sucks!'. --Lots42
 They admire her for her mind... --Tillman
 uhh...'scuse me...I need to clean up a little here before I can attempt a funny caption... --Mike Hunt
 According to the SpinnWebe Equalization Principle, the next few photos should be of Janet Reno showering. --Wabewalker

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