IADL #351
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 The ad in the local paper for a "Jonestown Reunion" was supposed to be a sick gag, but when 433 delusional people showed up... --snackwhore
 As a rule and precaution, the fedreal government cordons off the Annual Magic Card Tournament to prevent the local populace from getting infected by all the nerd germs. --Mr. ?
 When the stargate team entered the portal, they expected to discover an alien world. Unfortunately, it was just Des Moines. --Deiphage
 Ahh yes, the annual convention of Doc Evil's well bathed women. --Yakko
 We're sorry, but IADL has been temporarily disabled due to a large blue rupture in the fabric of space-time. We apologize for any inconvinience. --Jamey 'Crisis' Powell
 If your first reaction to this photo was to wish you had a sniper rifle with a laser scope, you: A) Need a vacation from your job at the Post Office B) Spend too much time on Duke Nukem C) Take this 'too many ren-faires' way too personally --lefty
 The Psychic Ballons stood dumbfounded. Their time had finally come, but they had completely forgotten what to do... --Doc Evil
 Say, this reminds me... Anyone else plan on blowing up THEIR High School reunions? --Doc Evil
 The " Everybody Who Voted for Walter Mondale In '84 " reunion... --Doc Evil
 While lynchings are not unknown in other parts of the south, only in Mississippi are they cause for a potluck. --lefty
 During the early 1900's, it was not uncommon to segregate the IADL from the DFC. --aK H
 As all of space and time collapsed right into Ted's front lawn, he couldn't help but wonder how everyone was able to organize a party so quickly. --aK h
 Gallant makes sure none of the kids wander away. Goofus promises them to the man in the bathroom for a fifty. --Lots42 (trying again)
 The clearest, sharpest, most colorful NORMAL picture ever to appear on this website and we can't go near it...sez something about being normal, don't you think? --Tillman
 Caution: Psychic ballloon breeding grounds, do not disturb. --lefty
 CAUTION, impossible zone ahead, no frenzied dik play allowed. --Holyoley
 Well, rather than futilely attempt to base a joke on distant people in ordinary lawn chairs or the word "Lauiiun" I think I'll just go back and stare at that lady's breasts some more. --White Dopes On Punk
 Difficult Zone: Well-endowed smurfs --Ken
 Welcome to Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. I'm Marlin Perkins. Tonight, my assistant Jim will attempt to capture one of these rare and dangerous suburbanites. Ooh! Watch out for those Beef Kabobs, Jim! --Mr. Kontoontwon
 Yeah!!! it's about time someone declared a Renfaire a crime scene! --The Notorious D.F.C.
 The annual Leperosy convention... --Doc Evil
 Not wanting to be predictable, Spinn puts several ugly people in the Post-Lara pic. --Lots42

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