IADL #353
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 Behind the curtain / a garbage can lies in wait / for stupid haikus --dogmatic 2000
 Unfortunately, Power Droid #3 has not properly learned how not to be seen. *BOOOOM* --Crack Baby
 Even after five years and three surgical reductions, Emma was haunted by the shadow of her obese past. --Wabewalker
 The Iron Curtain is seen here in its final stages, reduced to the oppression of a Red Square sausage vendor. --Deiphage
 Although she was only a second year Physiology student at Hoboken Tech, Sheila was able to determine from the genitalia that this umbrella was, indeed, one of the males of its species. --Def Emily Sickness
 In terms of aesthetics, Howard's transsexual operation had been a complete success. Unfortunately, though, no amount of estrogen had been able to stop her from picking her nose in public and wearing black socks and wing tips with a pair of shorts. --Def Emily Sickness
 Bulls are attracted to red capes. Bull dykes on the other hand... --Agent Elite
 fig. 1.2 - When disaster strikes! How to hide a spontaneous erection. page 32, Being a Successful Transvestite by Wilimina Keane --jfis
 Growing ever more desperate, Eternal Damnation is forced to beckon at the county fair. --The Interrupting Cow
 Gallant uses the potty well out of the sight of onlookers. Goofus smears his feces all over himself and gets an NEA grant. --Pete
 After years of constantly confusing the hell out of people during the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, Mummenschanz is forced to perform in public for free. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Rudie enthusiastically chanted "Schlemiel, Schlemozzel!Hossenfeffer Incorporated!"...but Candi knew that her new roommate from Iowa simply wasn't cut out for the life of a whore. --Florimel
 The psychic dumpster didn't give a damn about its time coming...it sensed streetwalkers, and so it lunged. --Florimel
 Welcome to the International Overweight Drunken, Smoking Lady 10K! --Col. Klink
 Damnit, yes, YES!! There is a Power Droid behind that blue curtain! --Col. Klink
 Sorry, she just doesn't do it for me. I'm going back to #350. --Buoy
 Is that a podium in your tarp, or are you just happy to see me? --Buoy
 Claudia didn't quite understand that Waldo could only be hiding in the book. --snackwhore

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