IADL #354
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 She could feel the eyes upon her...glowing like jellied fire, hungry, malicious...and then she heard the voice. "Pardon me, ma'am," the hellbeast inquired, "but you look like you'd like to hear a haiku." --Pete
 Susan rolled the thought through her head for the 32nd consecutive hour: How can "I'm hiding a dildo in my pussy" be poetic when it's got too many syllables for a haiku? --Ken
 Dorene was never too bright. Three days ago, a man with a dog stopped by. He said to the schnauser, "Sit! Stay!" And well, you can see where this has led us... --Crack Baby
 We've replaced Shatiqua's sense of self-will and Cartesian Dualism with Folgers crystals. Let's see who gives a damn. --RipperJak
 Its not easy being the only black person in Spokane -- it really isnt
 Oh, yeah....well, I say, "Life is like my foot. You keep talkin', and life's gonna kick you dead in yo' ass." --Smokey
 God talked to Janice one day. He said he'd be on bus 21. After spending the day waiting on bus 12, Janice cursed her dsylexia. --the skyclad answer
 Gallant waits patiently for the bus. Goofus carjacks Queen Latifah and gets his own ride. Godot never shows up at all. --Pete
 If captions were people, this would be that lonely dildo caption sitting in the Red Zone. --snackwhore
 Scene from Miramax's original movie Lakeesha Gump. --RipperJak
 No matter how hard she tried, Susan just couldn't get that song out of her head. Meow meow meow meow... --Mr. ?
 Ug. I shouldn't have eaten that whole bag of Olestra chips. --Mr. ?
 He lost the election, you can stop waiting for Perot. --Mr. ?
 Ahhh yes. Who can resist the old 'escaped mental patient wearing a stolen jacket' look? --Geoduck
 Bathe it and take it somewhere else. --I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV
 Susan waited for opportunity to knock, but was rewarded once only when loneliness rang the doorbell and ran away. --Mr. ?
 poopy WB Network writers keeps Moesha wher she is. --Mr. ?

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