IADL #355
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 Boy I love Cal State! What can I take this quarter? English 351: "Chicano Folklore"...Communications 382: "Women Screenwriters of the 1950s"....History 450 "The Hmong Experience in America"..Business 314 "Marketing for the Physically Challenged"... --Opie (right lefty?)
 ..and here we can see a clutch of wild pedestrian-mall-homeless, or "Pedmahoms", protecting their sacred tree... --SlappyJack
 Gallant reads the movie listings, hoping and praying that the director's cut of Touch of Evil is playing in town. Goofus saw Something About Mary two months ago and is still trying to figure out which is the frank and which is the beans. --Shifter
 What we don't see in this picture are the 850 starlings pirched in the tree, all ready to give these guys one heck of a dry cleaning bill. --Bucky
 Note the clever use of shadows as one subject is overwhelmed by darkness/dispair and the other peers out into the light with new hope. Or maybe it's just a picture of a couple of dorks taken by some moron without a flash --lefty
 "Well, gee, Wally. If we go home, mom and dad are gonna kill us. Now what're we gonna' do?" " The only thing be can do, beav. The only thing we can do." The exact moment Wally and the Beav turn to male prostitution. --aK h
 Things take an interesting turn as Robert Johnson of the US team begins to take the lead over Mexico's Juan Pepez in the Fifty-Seventh Annual World Fucking Off And Accomplishing Nothing Whatsoever Tournament. --Jamey 'Crisis' Powell
 Hey kids? Can you spot the manic-depressive person in this picture? --RipperJak
 Next week on "Seinfeld: The Next Generation," nothing actually happens and the show self-destructs out of ennui. --orrin bloquy
 They had feared long lines, but these fans of Vanilla Ice were rewarded for their patience with wicked good seats. --Def Emily Sickness
 The Russian economy had nearly starved them to death, but they were young Muscovites...proud, resourceful, and most importantly...patient. Soon, some wandering canine would have to piss. Then, they would eat. --Def Emily Sickness
 Chaz hated to be stuck at school on such a lovely spring day. So much so he contemplated cutting Contemporary Women Playwrites and hustling on over to the bitchin' Ren-Faire at the Crestwood Mall. --Opie
 Mongoloid Spice, Nazi Spice, and Pedophile Spice contemplate their rejection. --Deiphage
 Well whaddya know, I can count to 21. --Yakko
 Fuck, she was right, it is below average. --Yakko
 Gallant realizes he's outdated and runs off to bug Zonker Harris. Goofus is posting under the name of "Doc Evil". --Thomas Wilde
 Goofus takes a dump in the tree's box. Gallant figure's " Hell with it! " and follows suit --Doc Evil

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