IADL #356
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 Cars are stories within themselves. Ralph's car says "Screw the Automobile Safety Commission!" --RipperJak
 Since Ginger Spice left, a man with a forklift went to get Kathie Lee. Thus, Old Spice was born. --weeweeJ
 As they rounded the corner, Luke again voiced his fears that the new General Lee would be unable to jump the Ol' Swimmin' Hole. --Pete
 Shane MacGowan pried one eye open. He'd lost consciousness in Dublin, at the Hidden Shamrock bar. Now he was in Los Angeles, behind the wheel of a moving John Deere tractor. Pretty standard morning for him, really. --Pete, salvaging his own caption
 Fred and Pete had it all: lots of free time, a forklift, and a keg of beer. But something was missing...ah yes, a well-endowed chick wielding a pair of Glocks! --Mr. Kontoontwon
 The first sign you might have elected the wrong man president of the Teamsters: when he demands to be carried everywhere on a sedan chair, but is willing to compromise. --phil
 Yep, time to pick up the Mother in Law. --Mr. ?
 Eventually it was necessary to forcibly remove the old defective IADL editors, to be replaced by lobotomized hydrophobic baboons, resulting in an immediate and dramatic improvement in the quality of captions -- Mutantdog gently editorializes
 Some surprisingly arty shots are appearing in Sexual Congress with Heavy Machinery Magazine these days. --Horselover Fat
 When people accused Bill Gates of being too wimpy to lift a fork, he decided to prove them oh-so-wrong! --Vice Pope Doug
 Yes, that is one way to remove an unwelcome guest. --Mr. ?
 Which person in this picture ran out of Prozac? --RipperJak
 Ed didn't give a flop what his co-workers thought. His new vehicle got good gas mileage, turned on a dime, was handy on the weekend and easy to park. The real bitch was when it rained and people on the Interstate were always flipping him off... --Tillman
 Part of the emotional abuse at the Weight Watchers Camp includes being driven to dinner on a forklift. --Mr. ?
 While the Borg had no reaction to IADL #350, it started dripping oil at the sight of this image. --Ken
 Scene from Industrialvehiclespotting. --NME--
 "Ah, good! The statue of Norm has arrived! Our Cheers Wax Museum is nearly complete!" --snackwhore
 Vogon forklift comes / make way for senseless bypass / that comes full circle --snackwhore
 The "Virtual Dallas" web page now features the Grassy Knoll Cam. --Smokey
 Fat Tony enjoyed jumping on fork lift tines and launching the drivers hiiiiigh into the air.... --Smokey
 Crates of Highlights for Children are brought into IADL headquarters, so new recurring characters can be found. --Pete

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