IADL #357
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 Bonnie Franklin and Marlene Stapleton... * SCHA-WINNNNG!!! * --Doc Evil
 The scary thing is that since my company cut off access to pornography, I come here to get my thills. And I'm starting to like it. :( --anon
 Whether or not it is a fact that all true blues begin with "I woke up this morning" and later have a verse that starts "I'm walking down the road", this pair is doing the research to create a genuine Flabby-Butt Suburban-Stalked Blues. --Ken
 Here's the big reason I never went into Gynecology... --Doc Evil
 The black wig and jogging shorts disguised him well enough to pass through the heavy corporate surveillance unnoticed. Just a few blocks away, a stretch limo filled with Betty Crocker's top execs awaited. Just a few more blocks to freedom, where he would be forty million dollars richer and the Pillsbury Dough Boy no more. --Def Emily Sickness
 Gee whiz, Martha, look what happens since those atheists and queers start talking about joinin' the Boy Scouts. --Ken
 Due to airline weight restrictions, the million fat woman march was not a success. --Yakko
 I'm not going to be able to sleep now -- just think how much static electricity her legs generate by rubbing together. --Yakko
 Whooaa, there Suzy! Remember the last time we walked through Baker's Square? We'd better just move up a street. --Crack Baby
 When evolution fails. --Mr. ?
 Two chicks walk along/Skin as white as fishbelly/They need some more sun--another selection from Fuck You And The Haiku You Rode In On --Pete
 "Slowly, Simmons pulled his car around, trying to be discreet. These two would lead him to The Fat Man eventually...and then it was Sweatin' time." -- from Dial G For Glucose by Dashiell Hammett and Richard Simmons. --Pete
 It's the bland leading the bland. --Trainman
 "It's all right dear. You can always try out for the Harlem Globetrotters again next year." --Shifter
 Billy would help elderly women cross the street all the time... not because he was a boy scout, but because he liked his arm flab to be fondled. --snackwhore
 New York Giant Fans walk carefully along the white line. Dallas Cowboy fans try to inhale it. --Ken
 IADL "Hooker & John" Caption Generator v 3.57. From the creators of IADL "Hooker & Pimp" Caption Generator, the IADL "Hooker & Celebrity" Caption Generator, the IADL "Hooker & God" Caption Generator, and the ever popular Goofus And Gallant's Cake and Sodomy hour. --Brettt Maverick
 Whoever the stalker in the car is, he's obviously set his sights pretty low... --Kitsunesan
 You know this reminds me that 'Ellen' went off the air not because she was a lesbian but the show sucked. It wasn't funny. If anything, her lesbianess helped the show stay on the air. --anon
 Maybe the Chinese have the right idea. A totalitarian regime would be a small price to pay for requiring people like this to wear pajama-like uniforms. --lefty
 Here we see the first documented case of covert surveillance by the fashion police. --lefty

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